Blog changes

I’m sure you can tell just by reading this post that the blog has changed. I changed the home page too, so check it out: after reading this entry, just click either my blog title or my picture in the left-hand corner to see the new homepage. It’s a new theme and it’s just a start to some changes I’m currently debating about. Please comment because I would love some advice!

I am starting to take ownership of the blog. If you didn’t notice, I have a new blog address. I did a lot of research and so I wanted to share some thing that I have learned.

  1. ‘Buying’ a domain is basically renting the internet “www.(insertyouraddress). (com/net/org/etc)”  There are so many websites to do purchase your new URL. It’s typically a one year ownership, but there are longer terms if you desire.
  2. After you buy the domain, you actually need a web service to host your website. For instance, the typical free blogging platforms include: blogspot, wordpress, tumblr. Every website is a little different, but basically you reroute your web address of the blogging platform to your  main blog.
  3. You don’t have to use a free platform. Many websites that sell the domains, also offer their hosting services as well. If you go for a paid hosting service, it’s more of a monthly fee that starts as low as $4/month and goes up from there. These are more time intensive to set up and you should have a little bit of internet know-how to get your website actually running. That said, you have a lot more flexibility, are able to make money, and it’s really the only way to go if you are running a company.
  4. A recommendation that I picked up. While the websites offer ‘packaged deals’ with domain names and hosting services, most buyers should be a cautious before doing this. In fact, it is more recommended to buy these services from separate companies.  The same goes with buying your own e-mail.

So, at the moment, I’m not ready to take the financial plunge nor ready to commit to the time to self host my blog. As I said, I bought my domain name. I ended up using GoDaddy: and I do so for a couple of reasons. First of all, they have cheap start-up rates. Secondly, I found a great promotion coupon online. Last, I decided I really did not want to use them if/when I decide to host my own blog. My blog is currently hosted for free on WordPress. I am really open to hearing more ideas on whether or not to go to a self-hosted blog…especially if anyone has any experiences. Alternatively, if you can link some good articles to reference, I would very much appreciate it.

In addition to monetary changes, I’m thinking about going through my older posts and dividing them up and/or editing them. I’ve actually started going through some and expanding on others. Let’s be honest, many of my older blog posts need some work. I could make them better and give them the editing they deserve! If I do this, it will probably mean less new posts for a while, and then those that are subscribed might get a ‘new post’ update that’s not really new…so  there is that. I know this is just a personal blog but I’d like for it to be a bit more professional and a place to showcase my writing. If you read through any of my posts that are particularly painful, please comment on it, so that I can fix it up.  Thank you in advance!



  1. If you go with the domain you can host this blog and any other service online at the same area. Although it will probably mean using more HTML and possibly some Flash. And in case you decide to monetize your blog/site you may have to spend more time dedicated to making it better. Are you up for that?

    1. Yes I know it would be more time intensive, but I don’t mind. I mean, once you invest the time, you can pretty much leave it as it for a while (until boredom sets in…IF it sets in).

  2. i was actually thinking about that too…back in the day when I had a little bit extra money. hahaha!
    I like the idea though! And I think when I’m more stable it’s something I want to do with Sarinity Journal. And maybe the Snarky Cupcake. But that’s not going to be until I get a good computer. So baby steps for me.
    But I think if you have the time and motivation, then why not?

  3. Do it! Before I decide to buy your ideal domain name… 😉 – By Sara hahahahaha…. Dang.. that almost sounds super stalker-ish or just silly.. hahaha……. I’ll let you decide which.

    DO IT. 😀

    1. hahhahahaha…that would just be…dude people have done that to others

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