Korean Work Clothes for Women

At my very first school in Korea, I had complete freedom with my lesson plans and could basically teach anything I wanted. I thought I would make an informative lesson plan for my seniors, so I made a powerpoint about jobs and interviews. Of course, I wanted to discuss clothing, too. So I showed them this picture:


I asked, “Which is the best outfit for an interview?”

Students unanimous answer: “THREE!!”

“Three!??”  (I pointed at the third from the right.)

“No! Ugly!”

“Three!??”  (I pointed at the third from the left.)


“No!!  It’s too short.”

“No. Short is good. Best.”

I turned to my co-teacher, “Really?”

She answered, “Yes. Korean employers like short skirts.”

…wow…slight culture shock. Apparently in Korea, as a woman, if you want to get a job, you should show off your legs. This has been validated semester after semester as I started paying attention to what the female teachers wear to work. If they aren’t wearing pants, they wear what the west would call ‘mini-skirts.’ The average skirt length is about an inch or two above the knee–but I’ve seen shorter. Older women (let’s say over 50) wear skirts that come to right above their knees.  Two years later, and look at my new skirt for work:

Who wears short skirts?  hehe

Who wears short skirts? hehe

Even in the dead of winter, female teachers wear short skirts with stockings. Now you can just add me right in there.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Very interesting, what about comlumbia, costa rica,, well most work places want a foto of you attach to your resume…go figure..

    1. Same in Korea! Pictures must be submitted with resumes.

  2. There will be none of that, Ms P- >=( lol

    1. lol. I actually bought two! 😛

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