100 Day Anniversary for Him

If you are dating a Korean guy, then you are looking in the right place.  If you are a guy dating a Korean girl, then please look at this post. If you don’t know already, Korean couples celebrate every 100 days they are together. The first 100-day anniversary is the first most important one (with 1,000 days being the next most important). By the way, the first day your anniversary day counts as “Day 1.”  So if you start dating January 1 (no matter what time it became ‘official’), that day counts as a whole Day 1.

While I am not Korean, my boyfriend was, so we decided to do the 100 day anniversaries. Before we had our anniversary, I scoured the internet for information and ideas. Unfortunately, I could not really find anything about what the GIRL should do. Instead of relying on the internet, I had to ask around. I asked my boyfriend what his ex-girlfriends did for him in the past (a bit uncomfortable to say the least). I also asked one of my former co-workers (a year younger than me) for some ideas. These two were the most helpful, but I did ask some other people as well.

Basically, I was told is that the girl should make the boyfriend something that takes a lot of time to show that she thinks about him. This can be done in a couple of different ways:

1. If you are good at needlepoint…

  • knit a scarf
  • make a cross-stitch
  • embroider a shirt (I don’t think this one is very common, but you could ‘make’ your own couple shirts with your special embroidery and that would be AWESOME)

You can create a heart on both shirts and put both of your initials. It’s also common to add the anniversary date underneath.

2. If you are good at art…

  • draw/paint a picture
  • make 100 small origami pieces (for example: swans or hearts) and put them in a jar (use small brightly colored origami papers). One for each day you’ve been together.

You can dress up the jar with a bow or an “I Love You” sticker on it. It’s your gift, so it really is your choice.

3. If you are good at music…

  • record a song for him and give him the mp3 file
  • record a song for him (with video) and post it on youtube
  • If you are both musically inclined and want to show your love to the whole world: create a song together (or a do a cover) and post it on a youtube

4. If you are good at cooking…

  • make an ‘extra special’ (elaborate) dinner
  • bake a great dessert (baking is not very common in Korean households)

5. If you lack skills, but not money…

  • buy matching articles of clothing. Couples decked out in the same attire is not uncommon in Korea. Some couples keep it minimal with just one matching piece of clothing while others go ALL OUT with completely matching ensembles.  Things you can buy: bags, hats, shirts, jackets, shoes, sunglasses, bathing suits, watches, etc. (The only thing to avoid buying are the couple rings and underwear.)
Just an example

Just an example

Good luck and congratulations to those of you approaching your 100 day anniversary! Read here if you want to know about my 100 Day Anniversary or here if you want to know a great app to calculate your anniversary date.



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