3 years…

I actually planned on writing about something else today, or even not writing at all. However, a little notification greeted me on my computer…as of today, I have had this blog for 3 (count them, THREE) years. WOW. It’s time to reflect on my first blog post, which you can read here.

Where was I three years ago? I was in Texas, dissatisfied with my job and where my life was headed. I was ready for change! Traveling, living abroad, graduate school…I was ready for it all! Bring it on baby! I had a minor setback when I didn’t get accepted into the JET program. I wasn’t sweating it though–I had to get out of Texas! So, I went for the ‘next-best’ country I could think of at the time: Korea.

Here I am! I’m still in Korea! My intention of completing a one-year contract before graduate school has turned into THREE contracts. I’ve traveled to more countries than I ever thought I would visit in my lifetime…and I’ve (only) visited four since my time here (Korea included).

Wait a minute…what happened to graduate school!? Well, I took the GRE and did pretty well. I applied to one online graduate school for Fall 2012 (in a field I had next-to-no-experience) and I didn’t get accepted. Don’t you worry! Believe you me, it’s still on my mind because I do not want my GRE scores to expire!

Well, it’s crazy where my life has taken me. I definitely didn’t foresee any of this happening but I am glad to be out of the daily grind of teaching high school. There are days (more like moments) that I miss it though. I look forward to the days when I’ll miss teaching with EPIK. ^_^

I wonder where I will be in three years? Considering I couldn’t even anticipate three years in the future before, I’m not sure why I expect to do it now..but here it goes:

Will I still be blogging? Probably…but the idea of committing to this blog for 6(!) years is pretty intimidating.

What about graduate school? I’ve been looking into online programs. Unfortunately, I can’t decide on a major! I’m looking for physical schools that have online master’s degrees programs (this way the degrees are more reputable). I cringe to think of the money I’ll have to sink into a degree since I won’t get in-state tuition. 😦 I’ve got time, though…I have at least two more years…



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Well, the travel bug is in our blood, at my age I still luv to go site seeing, visit new places or even the old one, sometimes the second time around you see things that you missed in the first. For example everytime I go to the food market, all those different types of grown vegetables pretty cool. Or the old ruins of a spaniard towns; like to reflect and think back as too how it would of been. As far as your happiness, that is always going to be on ongoing progress. Don’t try to find the satisfaction in others eyes, live your life. Ask yourself what is what you really want. Where do you see yourself in 10, 20, 40 years. For instance, I have friends, who married a foreigner, she was 20 he was 47.. now 30 years later he died, but she stayed in that foreign country. She told me, Mexico is not the same, this is where I lived my life. I regret not going to school, now I am stuck with a job that I don’t like. To me is sad, living life in that manner. Living life through someone else’s eyes and not being satisfied, wasted time.. I say…

    1. Never to late to change jobs or go to school for that matter. I’m working on formulating a career change pretty soon. 😉

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