5 Fun Facts about Ari

For those that forgot…Ari is my cat! Her name is pronounced either the Spanish way of saying ‘Ari’ or the Korean way ‘아리.’  It’s actually Greek, but the pronunciation is pretty similar. ‘Ari’ is short for the Greek goddess ‘Ariadne.’ Anyway, here are some fun facts…it’s actually an excuse to show you some pictures of her that I’ve been hoarding for over a year!

1. I adopted her October 22, 2011!


2. I got her spayed just four days after adopting her! (The spay and the follow up cost me about $350)

10-25 (2)

3. She used to have really light hair….

10-22 02…but now her hair is much darker.


4. One of her favorite toys has been a mini stuffed (flat) bird attached to a string and a pink stick with some pink feathers.

11-13 0

5. When her scratching post is on the floor, she likes to lay down to scratch it.10-25 (7)

If you want to see more pictures, I have 44 pictures of her for 2011 in my flickr album. (Don’t judge me!  :-P)



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Pretty cool looking kittie.. I still looking for a perico..lol..my cousin stated he will get me one, we shall see…other than that same old stuff..:) luv you say hi to all.

    1. I thought you didn’t want any pets! The kids that never grow up. haha. Well if you get one, I want to see it!

  2. Aww, she’s so cute! Happy 2013 🙂

    1. Thanks. 🙂 she’s cute when she wants to be. lol. cheers to starting another year abroad!

  3. She’s beautiful! I want a cat too!!

    1. Cats are so awesome. She definitely helps make the nights inside seem less lonely. ^.^ Do you plan on staying in Korea long? A cat CAN travel, of course, but be prepared for a bit of costs (vet and flight). If you get a cat in Korea, go through animal rescue Korea (ARK)

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hey Dear love the pics. Brings back so many wonderful and loving memories.
    Take care love you gramma

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