I’m getting to the point where I’m tired of my hair…again. I’m thinking about cutting it off…again. Those that know me know that around the time my hair gets to about the length of my armpits, I go for a really short hair cut. I’m not sure why this is. I guess I like drastic change, even though very few guys like short hair.

Personally, I don’t think a woman needs long hair to be feminine. I also think that long hair is often tied to vanity. In Korea (and other countries), I feel like long hair is just pressure to fit in with the social norms. For some reason I feel something crying out to be different. Of course…I already am different and stand out as a non-Korean in Korea. However, I wear their clothes, my hair is the same color is theirs, I’m short like…most of them, and the list continues. Am I feeling myself being pulled into the this conformist society and am continuing to allow my hair to grow? Or is it sheer laziness on my part? (Party yes.)

To be 100% honest, here are some little known facts about me and my hair.

  • I don’t wash my hair everyday…and you SHOULDN’T…it’s so bad for your hair. Tap water is filled with metals and a lot of people lose hair thickness while living in Korea…I guess it’s even harsher here. So, I wash my hair about twice a week.
  • I rarely style my hair. I might do this once a week…or every other week…or once a month. *shrug*
  • I don’t brush my hair…nor do I comb it. What!? *gasp* I know. *shrug* I occasionally run my fingers through my hair, if that helps put your mind at ease. Conditioner takes out pretty much all the tangles. It looks fine…most of my friends are surprised to learn that I don’t brush my hair. haha. I have a comb in the bathroom that I might use during my shower (when I wash my hair)…maybe…once every 2-3 months.  Unless my hair is just all crazy, then I might comb it. Or just throw it in a ponytail.
  • I hate blow drying my hair. #1 It’s bad for your hair: it dries it out and makes it break easier. #2 It’s a waste of electricity. #3 I find it to be a waste of time. If I can, I just wait for my hair to air dry…unfortunately that can take up to 3-6 hours depending on humidity.
hair and bangs pulled oblong face in all its glory. :-P (The lenses in my glasses make my face appear a little wider than it actually is)

hair and bangs pulled back…what is my face shape? oblong? inverted triangle? looks like an exaggerated egg 😛 (The lenses in my glasses make my face appear a little wider than it actually is…and my eyes look bigger too)

So…yeah…with that….wanna help me choose which hair cut to try? Red? Yellow? or Blue? I’m in obvious need of some bangs. hahahaha

Red, yellow, or blue? hm....

Red, yellow, or blue? hm….



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    For me your hair cut in the foto I drew looked sensational..or the haircut with the gal with the purple blue border does not look bad..

    1. That’s the haircut I got in Japan. I tried to get the same cut here…just a trim…but they screwed it up…really bad. Plus that was a pic from right after it was cut and styled by a professional. So if was the best it looked on me. Ha.

  2. I like the blue one.. not too drastically short, but still short and cute.
    I’ve tried many times to grow my hair out but I just can’t stand it being long. Got it to about shoulder-length before I got it chopped off last week.. something similar to the style above in the yellow box.
    Do they give a head/shoulder massage after your haircut in Korea too?

    1. Very cute! NO! Japan kicks ass when it comes to hair cuts. I got my hair cut there almost two years ago (I wrote about it–I think Part 3 of Fukuoka) and absolutely adored the service: head massage, tea, and lots of effort to make sure I was comfortable. It did cost quite a bit though–about 6,000 Yen. That said, it was one of the best hair cuts I’ve had, and definitely in the last 3 years. An average hair cut in Korea (not at a fancy shop) costs about $15~20 and are about the quality of a $5-10 hair cut back home.

  3. If you must get your hair cut, go with blue

    1. Hm…that does seem to be the popular vote. I’m waiting until I can donate it.

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