Exercise…or lack thereof…

Since my most recent ankle sprain, I’ve found it a lot harder to motivate myself to exercise. I’m hoping that by writing this post, I can actually motivate myself and perhaps get a workout in tonight!

I walk daily with my dog, but I don’t really do any exercise beyond that. (I’ll occasionally remember to stretch before bed.) I’m trying to not beat myself up too much about it because that’s more than some people out there do. I usually walk my dog at least 5 hours/week and about 30min-60min of that time is a jog. However, not exercising on my own does bother me–especially since I have a paid-in-full gym membership for 8 more months. I’m tempted to make an excuse for myself and blame it on the weather, but that is no excuse why I can’t bust out the yoga mat I bought.

I actually blame it on my lack of energy. From what I’ve noticed in Korea, as this is the THIRD winter I’m suffering through here, I just don’t get as hungry as I usually do. I’m by far more hungry and energetic in the summer months than I am in the winter. Is that really strange? I know a lot of diets and exercise plans pick up in the spring so that people can lose the winter weight and rock a new summer body.  I simply don’t have that problem. Because I’m not so hungry, my caloric intake drops and my caloric need also drops because I don’t exercise as frequently. If I do workout, I tend to choose less intense workouts. So I actually stay about the same weight (or lose) and maybe lose some muscle definition, but nothing crazy drastic.

too funny–but definitely not me

So with that…I am feeling a bit more motivated to do a yoga routine that I tried (and liked) about two weeks ago. Maybe I’ll find energy sometime to go to my gym, but for now…I’ll stick with at-home workouts. Wish me luck in getting back to some sort of routine!

lol…it’s the effort that counts, right? 😉 (online source)



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Excert-or-size that is correct if you don’t do it you size up..lol remember the stretches I use to do infront of the TV.. i am proud to say I can still kiss my knees when I throw my leg forward. The only thing I suggest get your cardio up.. remember run 20 walk 20. The dog will luv it. And your heart will pound. Is hard, evrything worth something to you is going to cost 3 things. Time, Money and Energy. I don’t run as I use to. I do try to lift weights, It seems this old body of mine needs some toning up. Last thing, is a lonely road to good health just like education in the end is only you holding that diploma..Luv you.. keep it coming.

    1. Yeah she can’t run for about 5 more days because of her surgery. After that, she should be fine and we can get back with jogging. 🙂 Grats on getting some flexibility! I love weight lifting but I’m having a harder time motivating myself to get to the gym and do that. I do have some small hand-weights at home though…plus I like doing exercises with my own body weight. Like I said…a serious lack of energy these days.

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