Double/Triple Dates and Pensions

First of all, most Americans will be vaguely aware of what a pension is. I know that when I first heard ‘pension,’ I thought they were referring to a pension plan. LOL. It’s used more in other European countries and Korea uses a Konglish form of it (similar sound but with a Korean spelling and accent). However, Korea doesn’t include all the frills of what westerners would think of as a pension. Most importantly, there are no meals.

Anyway, my boyfriend and his friends wanted to get together for a mini-vacation last winter out by Daecheon Beach (대천) in Boryeong 보령. Instead of getting a hotel or motel per couple, we rented a pension for the night. Our pension was pretty interesting. The building itself consisted of several rooms with outside front doors, and we stayed in the bottom right room.

Our room had: a separate bedroom with a queen size bed,

Us 3 girls slept in here

a Korean bathroom=no bathtub,

The sink is on the wall of the door (across from the shower head)

a full Korean kitchen=no stove,

Dining area also pictured: that’s the dining table peaking on the right edge of the picture)

a good size living room area (open concept into the dining area),

front door and patio entrance

an attic-type room but too cold to sleep in (access by pull-down/folded stairs from the living room ceiling; there was a ledge to peer down into the kitchen/dining area),

view from above: You can see into the dining table and over that white fence, you can see into the kitchen

and a small enclosed patio.

The boys cooked meat on here the night we arrived

We had to bring all food and beverages into the room, of course. Check-out was by noon (also pretty standard). Us girls really had to kick the butts of our boys to get them up and out the door…that was absolutely no fun.

The 4 sleepy heads..I think Hyun-oo was the worst about getting up…

After we finally got them out the door and into the cars (they had carpooled together and Hyun-oo and I came separately in his car), we headed to the beach to wake up/take a few pictures (which you can see in my flickr album).

If you’re wondering: that is snow on the sand and a horse with buggy on the bottom of the pic

Before we all headed back to our homes, we had a late lunch of oysters…I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but I liked watching for the shells popping open.

So if you missed the head count: I went with my boyfriend and 3 of his friends (2 of which had girlfriends at the time). Anyway, the pensions are a pretty good idea and seem much ‘cleaner’ than your typical motel…unfortunately, they’re not easily accessible by foot or by bus. You would definitely need to take a taxi or own your own car. The price is also much more than a motel (at least(!) $100/ 100,000 won difference), but it’s pretty spacious so you can have a lot of people to split the cost (if you so choose).



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    That seemed like an awesome place to stay at. Lots of privacy. The pensions here are small, usually owned by a single family. They do provide food, but you have to eat at their designated time. Either way, glad you are enjoying life. God Bless

  2. That looks like a really good place to stay. One question though – is the shower on the same level as the toilet (which would make the bathroom flood)? If it is, is that normal in Korea?

    1. Yes and yes. 🙂 If you look at any of my posts about my apartments, you’ll see that in apartments, the shower head is actually attached to the sink (so you shower where you brush your teeth essentially). Many apartment bathrooms in Korea are the size of a half bath in America. There is a drain on the floor in front of the sink. It eliminates the need of a shower curtain. It’s also easier to clean…I usually clean the whole bathroom while taking a shower. It will also be pretty convenient if the toilet overflows. 🙂 Korea also sells a lot of ‘shower shoes/sandals’ because floors are usually wet.

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