Public Nudity

Saturday was a day to accomplish two things in Daegu: donate dog kennels to a shelter and to go shopping at Costco. It was certainly meant to be a non-exciting day.



After going to the dog shelter, Alex started driving to Costco. We were sitting at a red light and Alex said, “Hey look” and pointed out his window.

I turned to look…and was faced with a mom squatting next to her male toddler with his pants around his ankles.  “Is that normal?”

Alex laughed, “No, it’s why I showed you.”

Hm… I watched the mother help point her toddler’s penis to the ground, “Why is he peeing outside?”

“Maybe there’s no toilets.”

“Weird,” I mumbled as the boy finished his business and the two entered into a Korean fast-food chain called Kimbab heaven (김밥 천국) and we drove on to Costco.

This chain is almost everywhere in Korea.

I counted that as one of the weirdest moments I’ve seen in Korea…but apparently it was only a preparation.

We were almost finished with our shopping, but my friend had wanted to know prices of turkeys so I gave him a call. Alex ran off to look at cheese (or something) so I pulled the cart out of the main shopping alley to get out of people’s way while I waited.

Around the corner, this woman comes rushing towards me with her toddler (boy) in her arms. She stops about two paces in front of my basket, puts him down, yanks down the boy’s pants, and holds a paper cup around his genitals. I struggled to hold a conversation and not seem too obvious in my staring as the boy immediately started relieving himself into the cup (with his mom pressing his penis to help direct the stream).

Then it got weird.

For some reason, she moved the cup away from the boy (in mid-stream). She didn’t let him just go on the floor…no no…she put her HANDS under his stream to try to ‘catch’ the urine. Needless to say, my jaw dropped. Alex came back just as someone was handing that mother another (or possibly the same) cup.

All I can say is…WHAT.THE….?????!!!!



  1. normal, no. acceptable, yes.

  2. What?!! That is insane!!!

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    On the streets of Saudi, the gals would just relieve themselves in the middle of the street and continue walking like nothing happened. Now remember they have long dresses. Individual customs are strange, to each their own.. ha…

    1. Same with girls in Philippines…the world-is-their-toilet. However, they don’t have long dresses. It’s not a custom here which is what’s strange!

  4. different culture, different ways.

  5. how this is handle between little girl and boy is very different.

    1. My boyfriend and I agreed that if it was a little girl, they would have been run into the bathroom, or at least not FACING the street. (Out in the country is a little more lax…or if it was a grandparent with their grand-baby…then I think we wouldn’t have been so surprised.)

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