Sound Familiar?

A lot of my friends appeared to have partied it up last weekend in Halloween spirit, but I got to stay home.  Why? Oh you know…the usual…NOT!

I sprained my ankle…AGAIN! The fact that this is the third ankle sprain in less than a year is baffling. The fact that I’ve sprained an ankle during each and every school year I’ve worked at in Korea makes me really self-evaluate. Either (a) I’m extraordinarily clumsy, (b) I have extremely weak ankles, or (c) a combination of both. This time…I feel I can point the blame on: (1) my puppy, (2) horrible construction practices in Korea, and (3)-I’ll admit it- a weak ankle. The ankle I re-sprained hadn’t fully recovered from it’s high-ankle sprain (syndesmosis) back in April.

To get on with my story. I was walking my puppy late at night. The city hired some people to do some construction by the river. Not realizing that they had completely torn up the sidewalk, I crossed the street because it was closer to my home. There was a bit of sidewalk which then turned into a sandy pit that seemed to extend an unseemly distance. My puppy loves the loose sand, but it’s no fun for me. So I walked in the road, loosened up the leash, and let her go at her own pace in the sand.

I had to be careful to avoid about 20 of these plastic, bright yellow sawhorses which lined the side of the road, parallel to the curb.

Anyway, yeah, it was easy to avoid those massive things even though it was night time and the sun had long gone down. Then Sue Jung went playful crazy and yanked on the leash. (She’s about 40lbs now–17kg, so a little yank goes a long way.) The yank wouldn’t have been so bad, if I didn’t trip on a practically invisible wire!

Taken with a FLASH…and that stupid wire is DRILLED into the road

After I tripped over that, I did land on my feet…foot? Can you see the height difference between the black concrete and the white cement? Well that 1/4″ (.5cm) ? difference is what threw my ankle. I heard/felt the pop and I crumpled to the ground while Sue raced back and forth in the sand waiting for me to get up (so glad she didn’t get in the road! This is no back road I was walking on.)

I stood up to a literally blinding pain and hobbled my way back home and iced the swollen and painful beauty of an ankle.

With the assistance of a Korean friend and multiple phone calls, the construction company is going to pay/reimburse me for all my medical expenses. They promised to cut the wires (they partially held up this promise by removing the sawhorses around the one I tripped on and SOME of the wires on the remaining sawhorses) and then they begged me not to complain to City Hall.

In the meantime, I have to wear this for two weeks before I go back for a re-evaluation. And unlike the high ankle sprain, they don’t want me to take this off. ohhhh stinky foot….



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    dang, i sprain my back, been like this for two days, went to doctor all is ok.. i guess not as young as I was, got to take it easy…

    1. Wow! I didn’t even know it was possible to sprain your back. I know to like pull the back muscles. 😦 Get better soon and rest up!

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    ouch… doesnt sound fun.. take care of that ankle.. im barely just jogging on my leg again -.-

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