An Overnight Hike

I mentioned Amy, the Canadian girl who boxes for Korea, here. I got to meet her briefly in person before one of her fights, but I actually got to meet with her and some other amazing girls who live in or around Cheonan this summer. Most of these girls had met before to participate in some of the boxercise classes she leads, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to go (namely because it takes about 6 hours round trip).

This is actually the morning after, but whatever. 🙂 (Picture compliments of Amy’s camera and a nice Korean stranger)

Anyway, I joined some awesome ladies for a hike up and possibly-illegally camp on a mountain. The hike up was a real trek and I was glad I had wrapped BOTH of my ankles for the journey. I was able to borrow a headlamp and a hiking stick, which also made it easier when the sun went down. Anyway, we finally made camp around 11pm near the peak of the mountain.

천안 Cheonan at sunset (halfway up)

천안 Cheonan at night; higher up, almost to our campsite

The night was pretty awful…I personally wasn’t prepared for the huge temperature drop and the sleeping bags we brought weren’t warm/long enough. I think I annoyed the girl I was sleeping next to because I think my body scooted over towards her while I was sleeping for warmth. (sorry!) I tried different positions to stay warm: covering my face with my jacket, curling in a ball…yeah…my knees might have annoyed her, too.

Our campsite: I was on the ground with 3 other girls; and the other 3 girls shared the tent on the gazebo

Anyway, I felt really guilty when I got up in the morning to find that she had been awake and sitting for a few hours. (I say ‘got up’ because I didn’t sleep well AT ALL.) Despite my lack of a fitful sleep, I had more than enough energy to get up early. At the top of the mountain there were some exercise equipment things, and us girls had a good chuckle at the shadows/panting of the older Koreans that mounted the ‘exercise equipment.’

They got a chuckle out of my chicken breast on the bone for breakfast. 😛 (Pic compliments of Amy)

We had started packing up and heading down the mountain around 7:30am, but I didn’t get home until 3 or 5pm. It was A VERY long day for me but totally worth it. I only wish I could participate in more of the events hosted by Amy and Flipside Fitness. (For more pictures from the hike, click here.)



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hiking, I recall when I used to do those in the military. I remember I was left on the mountains one evening this was near West Point, I had my blanket roll behind my canteen belt, it was around 730pm. When i decided to find a nice tree with a flat surface. As I was unrolling the blanket, I saw this the officer coming down the ridge and I asked him, “Sir you seem lost might as well settle for the evening and we can catch up with the main troop tomorrow morning”. He replied, guess you right but I did not bring any gear to stay the night. Well, I said we can share, to make this story short we slept back to back, got cold as hell and we promise to tell no one we slept together… ha.. needless to say, I saw that officer years later in San Antonio, he made major looked old. but he still maintain the same outgoing spirit. Hiking is fun, but make sure you have to proper gear… glad you are adventuring..

    1. lol. Wow it sounds like you two got lucky to find each other that night. Body warmth is called that for a reason! I was seriously wishing someone would have slept back to back with me that night..but the girl next to me didn’t like anyone touching with her and there was no warmth coming for the side of the tent! haha. It was the first overnight hike I’ve ever done and I couldn’t believe how much water I drank for the ~4+ hour trek up.

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