Cooking Adventure #6: Almonds+Blender=?

I’m not much of a cook: little experience and not a whole lot of patience (as I learned today). If you missed the others, here are 1, 2, 3/4, and 5.

I bought a big package of sliced almonds at Costco a while ago, but barely cracked them open. Turns out, they sell by/expiration date is this month! So, I decided to try to see what I can make out of almonds and where almonds are the primary ingredient.

Idea 1: Almond Milk

If I was using whole almonds, the recommendation is to let them soak in water before using them. I figured my almonds are pretty soft as it is, so I wasn’t worried. So, all you do is dump 1:2 ratio cups of almonds to cups of purified water…roughly.  Then blend for five minutes straight. (Unfortunately for me, the blender scared the piss out of Sue–literally. *sigh* So I took a break to clean up that mess.) After blending, you should strain it through a mesh sieve. I think that’s what I have, but it didn’t seem very effective and I actually strained a total of 5 times (blend/strain/strain/blend/strain). After straining, you pour it back into the blender, mix in a sweetener of your choice (I chose honey, because it, too, will expire soon). Anyway, my almond milk tastes a little like dry almond pulp…next time, I think I might try another suggestion of using a nylon bag to pour the blended juice into and squeeze out the ‘milk’ into your container.

It looks better than it tastes, but I will use it in my cereal and hope I won’t notice

Idea 2: Almond Nut Butter

So, this time you just dump however many almonds you want into your blender and blend the crap out of it…repeatedly. But, you have stop and push down the bits that fly to the sides of the blender. So, I did my blending in like 1 second increments to scrape the sides down. First it will turn into a fine powder, and then it will become thicker, until it’s finally creamy. I gave up after what I think was 30 minutes. It did become thicker and almost-but-not-quite-butter, so I stopped. What I mean, is if I pushed on it with my knife, it would smooth out (like nut butter should do), but my blender seemed more interested in making the pieces fly apart and not actually clump/fall into itself as I blended. Perhaps if I had a slower blender (my blender is one speed), then it wouldn’t have been nearly as frustrating.  Anyway, I ate a mini sandwich using my nut butter–wasn’t bad. Next time, I think that I’ll use a lot more nuts and hope that will help the blender process it better.

see it clumping?

I gave up…put it in a cup and squished it with my knife

Anyone have any other ideas for my almonds? I got a giant bag of unsalted, raw sliced almonds and like 20 more days of this month.



  1. Next time you should use a food processor. But you actually can use ground almond paste to make marzipan. Remember that cute heffalump I made years ago? He was made out of marzipan.
    Also, if you grind the almonds up to make an almond flour, I’m sure there’s some cool cookie recipes that could use that…
    But I’d have to look through all my notes to figure out the marzipan recipe. I know I have it somewhere.

    1. Yeah…I don’t own a food processor and I can’t merit buying one just for this bag of almonds. Lol. If u find that recipe please send it my way!

  2. […] I’ve attempted to make (some successfully, some not) check out: one, two, three/four, five, six, and […]

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