Did I mention that I moved?

I am now in my third apartment/4th place of residence in Korea. The first was the dorm room. The second was the apartment that my co-teacher helped me find and we put it in my name. The third one, I chose, but it was issued to my school. This new one, I enlisted the help of a Korean to find. Unlike the previous three, I wanted to have a separate bedroom so that my puppy had ‘room to grow’ in the apartment.

Let’s face it, she’s only 3 mos old here…this apt wasn’t gonna last

My new apartment is super close to my new school (about a 3-4 minute walk). I’m on the second floor (the first floor is for parking) so that ROCKS! (The other two apartments were on the 4th floor..that gets old fast.) Anyway..here are the pictures when I first LITERALLY dumped my stuff off and hadn’t really unpacked ANYTHING…or furnished it. An updated blog post will come later…after I ‘clean up’ my apt first. 😉

After you come in the shoe area (with ceiling to floor closet), there is a bathroom door immediately on the right. By the way, the toilet seat came WITH the apt.

…still stuck with the shower head attached to the sink

I turned back to the room (entry behind my back, bathroom to the right) to see the living room. (The sliding doors lead to the laundry area.)

Walk in past the bathroom door and turn right. In front of you is the fridge, and the bedroom door is to the left of the fridge.

I got a HUGE fridge. wOOt!

If you walk a bit further into the living room and turn around, you can see the kitchen (which is on the right side of the fridge).

cabinets! and even a silverware drawer!

Okay, so walk towards the kitchen and turn left at the fridge for the bedroom.  (There is closet flesh with the left wall.)

So that’s my new apartment! It’s 400,000 won/month (about $400). The deposit (key money) that I’ll get back afterwards was somewhere between 3,000,000-5,000,000 won (about $3,000-5,000). Key money is just the way Korea works and I made sure to have that money saved so I could choose my own apartment. 🙂  This apartment style is called “mini-two-room.” There are also no pet deposits here but you DO have to make sure that your contract allows pets. (Just an FYI for future apartment seekers of Korea.)

Notes: EPIK schools provide you an apartment, pay the monthly rent, and take care of the key money. You can choose your own place (and pay the key money) and they’ll give you 400,000 won each month. In either situation, you are responsible for the electric and gas bills and any apartment fees. (For example, my friends have to pay an elevator fee, and some others pay for the ‘gate’/security fee. These fees are usually in genuine apartment buildings and not 4 floor one/two room/villa places)



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Not bad, i guess residing within those walls, you have found out you don’t need much in this life… pretty cool. God Bless your new dwelling.. Plus your job is so close.. that is awesome l)

    1. Well I have purchased a kennel/cage for Sue, a tower for Ari, and two plastic tables (like you see in outdoor barbecues) and two chairs. The school is letting me borrow a mini square-ish table with two mismatched dining chairs. That’s really it for furnishings (minus two small bookshelves–one I bought for $20 and another I took from the street corner. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? lol) It feels like I have a lot of stuff…but I’ve been slowly donating things.

  2. Oh em gee!!! I want your toilet seat!!! It’s awesome!!!! And I love all the pink wallpaper!! I wish you were here so you could see the places I’ve been looking at. I think I might end up doing a blog about apartment hunting for newbies. It’d be an interesting thing to write

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