Trip to the Beach

This trip happened about 2(!) months ago! Time is really flying and Sue is growing super fast. I decided to take a weekend trip to Pohang (포항, a beach city) with Sue. It was going to be her first experience with sand and water.

Quite a few people wanted to go the beach, too

I was better prepared for her motion sickness with lots of ‘puppy pads’ to clean up any messes. Unfortunately, she still got sick and I don’t know if she will ever like car rides. *sigh*

A rare moment of napping…she was usually panting

I had the ‘hook up’ with a Korean ARMY friend, who secured me a place to stay on base. He friend just had fudge the truth a little and pretend that I was married to his friend, who was supposed to be his cousin…oh and that Sue didn’t exist. lol.

Sue is peeking around the corner. That’s my ‘bed’ behind her

We stayed out late with his friend at a bar with an outdoor patio (in the rain). Sue was popular with the staff. 🙂  Early the next morning (we had to be out of the room before 10am), we met up with his friend some delicious pig belly (삼겹살) at a restaurant with an outdoor patio. Sue just rested at our feet while we enjoyed our lunch.

We spent the next couple of hours at the beach. I was worried that Sue was going to eat a lot of sand (because she was still in this horrible puppy phase of eating/picking up dirt and rocks and cigarette butts while walking). She did consume a lot of sand. *sigh* I was hoping she would enjoy the water, but she didn’t.

That didn’t stop me from putting her in the water though!

I spent a bit of time at the beach practicing recall with Sue.  I was so happy to see that she came running towards me. 🙂  She did it multiple times and from fairly far away.


❤ Seeing this picture makes me realize how fast she’s grown

For some more pictures, click here.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I suggest use a treat, when you call her name if she comes she gets a treat. I got this from the dog trainer..ha..

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  3. […] Korea, I took her to a beach in Pohang, she joined me on a road trip (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) , and she joined me on a hiking trip (which I […]

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