Vacation Roadtrip: Part 4

It was a little past midnight when we decided to continue our trip to Busan. The rain was coming so heavily that half of one of our exit ramps had completely flooded and stalled out what looked like a Class 3/4 City/Box Truck. One of the belts under Hyun-oo’s hood squeaked quite a bit after it got wet (from the splash underneath), which caused him to freak out a little bit. Being a Texas driver that’s accustomed to flooding streets (*if it rains*), I told him the bit of squeak isn’t a huge problem. He didn’t quite believe me but carried on.

So we eventually arrived in Busan around 6 or 7 am. I decided to fall asleep but Hyun-oo and his friend went out for breakfast and soju (sure…you can drink ANY time in Korea). Two days were literally a blur of sweating (did I mention his AC was broken and only worked for 10 minutes at a time?), sleeping, taking Sue out for potty breaks, and eating. I kid you not.

On a walk with Sue.

The last night at the apartment, sometime around 1am, I decided I needed to go to the bathroom, so I locked it behind me, did my business, left, and closed the door behind me.  BIG MISTAKE. His door has a keyed lock on it…and no one has the key. (…say WHAT!?) We thought we could all stave off the call of nature but by 3:30 Hyun-oo had a serious nature call and tried his best to break down the door, pick the lock, and even contemplated trying to ninja his way into the bathroom window from the roof. (Unfortunately, the window was too small for even ME to fit through.)

It takes Sue a while to warm up to new people…I had to drag her over there, but she relaxed after a little bit

So we headed out to take a quick trip to a public restroom. Sue couldn’t wait though…she peed all over the entrance way and on Hyun-oo’s friend’s shoes (DANGIT!). She SERIOUSLY had to pee because she went outside AGAIN after we arrived to the public toilets. We went back to the apartment to sleep and they didn’t call the locksmith until noon! (I had to make one more potty break with Sue Jung before he came.) Fortunately, it only cost 10,000 won ($10).

The last day of our trip (depressing right?), we had to help Hyun-oo’s friend move. (This was our way to pay back for letting us crash at his place.) Anyway, this fool’s house WAS FILTHY. Everything he had was covered in thick layers of dust or fuzz or little hairs.  *shudder* Hyun-oo helped with the moving part and I did A LOT of the packing. After I finished packing up his computer, the stuff on the desk and bookshelf, and assorted other things lying around, I swear I washed my hands 5 times.

She was exhausted as I was after all the packing

Hyun-oo’s friend treated us (and his two other friends that helped him move) to some Chinese black noodles (자장면).

You could order it premixed (like Hyun-oo’s on the left), or mix it yourself with a thicker/chunkier sauce (like mine…Hyun-oo finished mine but added like triple the sauce I did)..And that’s sweet&sour pork in the middle of the table

Hyun-oo and I later stopped at his friend’s new place with a mini fruit birthday cake, sang Happy Birthday (in Korean), and then left around 9pm.

DELICIOUS! but the top half was all frosting…which was way too sweet. (Even for me!)

Unfortunately, this marked the end of or vacation because the rain was still unpredictable and scattered throughout all of Korea and we didn’t stay in Busan because his friend was feeling sick. (BTW his sinuses acted up because of all the dust in his home!)



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Adventure moments, still recall similar situations.. that is what life is about.. keep on site seeing.. God Bless

  2. […] Korea, I took her to a beach in Pohang, she joined me on a road trip (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) , and she joined me on a hiking trip (which I just realized I have yet to post […]

  3. […] Korea, I took her to a beach in Pohang, she joined me on a road trip (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) , and she joined me on a hiking trip (which I just realized I have yet to post […]

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