Vacation Roadtrip: Part 3

Day 1 was by far the most enjoyable but Day 2 was amusing (in retrospect). Part 3 was pretty much a pain.

After waking up, we got back on the road for a two-hour drive to Icheon (이천) to visit one of Hyun-oo’s friends who is currently in the Army (from now on referred to as Army guy). Hyun-oo went to Army guy’s apartment to take a shower, change clothes, and wash a blanket that Sue had drooled (and vomited) on. I met with one of Army guy’s female friends to take a shower. She liked dogs and so she tried to make friends with Sue while I was in the shower.

Icheon is famous for its pottery.

The hot water hadn’t kicked on yet, but I figured I’d start by getting the ends of my hair wet. But…it never got any warmer. I told her (in Korean), “It’s too cold!” She answered and tried to restart it…but yeah…I ended up taking a freezing cold shower…it was quite awful. Then we sat in her living room and tried to talk (mostly me in limited Korean) while we waited for the boys to call.

I gave her my kakaotalk id…but she still hasn’t messaged me

When the boys finally called, it had started raining. We decided to head out for dinner (barbecue/grill pig meat YUM) and karaoke. (Sue got to stay and relax in the girl’s apartment.) It was a lot of fun and Army guy has an AMAZING voice. (He was training to be a pop singer before his mandatory military service.) Not only does he have an amazing voice, he loves 80’s rock music–I could have listened to him the whole time.

I learned about another Korean Rock Band: HLIN 홀린

Our night came to a close around 10pm and then Hyun-oo and I were in the car faced with a decision…A monsoon came into Korea and rain was basically in the forecast the next 10 days all over Korea (scattered showers 50-80% depending on the day/city). I wanted to go to a camping place but if the rain was too heavy, we wouldn’t be allowed to camp (plus it would be dangerous). We could go home and wait out the rain for a few days and later tackle the northern half of Southern Korea. Or, we could head to Hyun-oo’s friend’s house in Busan (southern part of Korea) where at least we would have shelter from the rain.

I really didn’t want to go home. We headed toward the camping site, but the rain was coming down in torrents. Hyun-oo called up his friend and we ended up embarking on another 6-7 hour drive to Busan. In about a 26 hour period, we spent maybe 5 hours outside of the car. 😦



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Seem you had a wonderful time… congrates.. keep up the site seeing…

  2. […] Korea, I took her to a beach in Pohang, she joined me on a road trip (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) , and she joined me on a hiking trip (which I just realized I have yet to post […]

  3. […] Korea, I took her to a beach in Pohang, she joined me on a road trip (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) , and she joined me on a hiking trip (which I just realized I have yet to post […]

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