Vacation Camping: Part 2

So nearing the end of day one, we packed up our tent around 6pm Saturday and headed for some dinner. It’s hard to decide where to eat when you have a dog in your car and few pet-friendly places. Hyun-oo and I decided Sue would be okay in a parking garage for about an hour while we went into a store. (The parking garage was fairly cool–definitely cooler than the tent we had been in during the day.) We left her with water and I’m pretty sure she dozed the entire time.

We ate and did a little bit of shopping for snacks at Home Plus, a super store

We decided to go to another camping place. I wanted to go to some camping site that included showers. Hyun-oo said they have a different name than the valley (계곡). Valleys are near rivers and have toilets. These other places (휴양지) are near rivers (on mountains), have toilets, and also shower stalls. (For reference, plain old camping sites are 캠핑장 and only have places to pitch a tent.) I used my phone to search where to go, we decided on a place (삼봉), Hyun-oo put the address into his GPS, and off we went.

The road was on a steep incline and so many twists and turns that even I felt dizzy. I was happy I hadn’t fed Sue before the windy road or she would have lost (yet another) one of her meals in the car. We were like an hour and a half from the main road and finally arrived…at around 1am.  We were happy to see the camping platforms under trees (not in a parking lot) and a building for toilets and a building for showers. So, we parked the car and hunted for a platform. We found ONE. It was much bigger than the others but since we couldn’t find another platform, we decided to just take it and hopefully sneak off before we’d have to pay for the more expensive platform.

Beautiful, right?

We settled into the tent and Sue ate her dinner. I showed Hyun-oo how to play a variety of card games: doubles speed, crazy 8s, and war before we decided to call it a night around 3 am. Before we dozed off, I recommended that Hyun-oo check out the prices for this place. That’s when we discovered that to sleep here would require reservations. Also, if we didn’t sneak out early enough (like 7am–a mere 4 hours away!), then we’d be caught and stuck with a fine, platform fee, and reservation fee. Yeah…we got the hell out of there and decided to never come back. (The toilets and shower stalls were dirty and bug infested. *shudder*)

Sue didn’t want to leave

We headed to another city, Wonju 원주, but the hotels wouldn’t let us take a dog in…so…we camped in the car…from 7am to 3pm.

we parked under an apt building for shade

I added some of these pictures into my “Road Trips” album.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    what a memorable adventure.. and yes I know about the difficulty of having pets, some don’t want them around…

  2. Way too much adventure for me but it is enjoyable to read.

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  4. […] Korea, I took her to a beach in Pohang, she joined me on a road trip (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) , and she joined me on a hiking trip (which I just realized I have yet to post […]

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