Watching the Olympics in Korea

I have so many things to write about! However, I have been feeling pretty unmotivated to write. My last day at my high school is Friday!! Anyway, I’ve decided to write about the Olympics because I want to vent my frustration. Watching the Olympics in Korea sucks big hairy monkey balls. The sports coverage is awful. I only really care about two sports (gymnastics and wrestling) and I have only seen like 10 seconds of the sport I like and it was at 2am (men’s gymnastics). Okay, so here are some of the things I want to vent about:

  1. There are 3 to 6 channels playing the Olympics. If all 6 are showing the Olympics, it is highly likely that two or more of them are airing the same thing.
  2. Instead of watching live or other sports they haven’t aired, they show recaps of sports from one+ days ago.
  3. The sports selection!  I don’t give a flip about archery, laser(?)/gun shooting, ping pong, fencing, handball, or badminton.
  4. The air time! I feel they don’t really devote enough time to live tv. I started to take an interest in Judo (since they were playing it a lot) but then they’d stop showing live to show a re-run of another sport with a Korean competitor or to do some side little interview (like at a current school training future athletes).

They have shown soccer and some swimming and I know those are pretty popular Olympic sports. Overall, I’m very disappointed in the selection and I feel like I’m missing yet another Olympic Games. 😦  I haven’t had any luck finding places to stream the Olympics. I’d gladly take any advice.



  1. i do not know if it will work in korea but here in the us you can go to and watch the events live or replay but what you need is the username which is the email address of the cable or satelite provider and the password and the zipcode. hope this help.

    1. I tried it. I had to install hotspot shield on top of that just to access some of the videos. I don’t have a US TV subscription, so I can’t watch live or like any of the ‘good’ videos. 😦 It’s a bummer. A little late, but they started showing woman’s gymnastics. So I will be up until like 3 am tonight.

  2. If it makes you feel any better – I had about 4 channels all covering the olympics and one was 100% devoted to boxing (I don’t care about)…..the others were mostly insane amounts of soccer (don’t care about) and random stuff like handball? (just learned that was a sport) and a mix of swimming/gymnastics/basketball. I enjoy the gymnastics/swimming but I also wanted to see the trap shooting which I didn’t see being covered.

    Although the coverage here is better than in Korea, I still don’t feel like the 2012 coverage is as good as the previous Olympics.

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