Poor Sue Jung…

She’s growing so fast!!! Last week, (1.5 wks shy of 4 months) she weighed 9.8 kg (21.5 lbs)!!! She looks like she’s molting because she’s slowly losing her puppy hair.

She kind of looks like she’s wearing a mask. lol. Right now it’s really just her mane and her head hair that is still puppy fluff.

So…why poor Sue Jung? I bought her a harness because she will soon outgrown her collar and I thought a harness would be good for when she reaches her full size. She wore it for about 48 hours. During that time, she started to chew on it. So, I moved it and readjusted it so it was a little tighter. Then we went on what ended up being a 2.5 hour walk…in the rain. I took her harness off, and discovered the harness had completely chafed her chest. 😦


Her belly hair is slowly(!) growing back from the belly surgery

I also looked at her foot and saw that it was bleeding. The cut wasn’t very deep and I had no idea how long ago during the walk she had cut it. Poor puppy…I even made her run the last 3 minutes or so to the apartment. Yeah….I felt pretty guilty.

(I couldn’t bear taking a picture when the wounds were fresh…these pics are 4 days later.) Her wounds are healing and her chest scabs are no longer sensitive to the touch. She’s back on a collar until her chest is healed and I made her walk around with a bag and sock tied around her foot for any outdoor time. She was supposed to wear a bandage for two days, but the bandage distracted her. She just wanted to chew on the bandage…she didn’t care about the cut, just the bandage. lol. So…yeah…everything looks a lot better now, and now I’ve stopped putting wrapping up her foot for the potty breaks.

Also…poor Sue Jung because Ari rarely wants to play with her. hehe.


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