Speaking Test Results: Movies

I mentioned my three weeks of speaking tests last time. This was one of the most popular topics: movies. After listening to students talk about movies, it made me regret even giving them this option.

Avengers was probably the most spoken about movie. I was sick of hearing about it…seriously. Pretty much all the students asked me some rendition of “have you seen Avengers?” I have never seen Avengers…and from most of my students’ summaries I wouldn’t want to see it. Only one student gave a fair description of it; he was the only student that talked about Avengers that received an A.

In regards to who is the best hero and why…

  • “Captain America. He is handsome. (or) Good body.”
  • “Iron man.  Rich”
  • “Iron man. He…like this!” (and does motions several motions with sound effects..including a mini run in front of the table)

In regards to who is the bad guy…most students couldn’t even tell me who the bad guy was or why they were bad. A few said “fight” or “attack” but they couldn’t tell me why when I prompted further.

In conclusion, I didn’t learn very much about the movie. This is pieced together from all of my Avenger-topic students (minus the best): Avengers is their favorite movie because it’s fun. There are many heroes and a bad guy/aliens from space who came to NY. The heroes fight a bad guy/aliens and win. Most students watched it in theaters last year with friends or family. The people they went with liked the movie, too.

A popular movie among the girls was a Korean movie titled 썬이 (Sunny).

This is what I heard about it…pieced together from basically all the students that discussed Sunny: “It’s very touching. 6, 7, or 8 (?) girls go to high school. Very good friends. They dance. It’s sad. One girl dies…very sick.  Not new movie. Happy end.”  At least 10 girls talked about this movie; the only details I’m missing that they told me are the actresses’ names. From what I could gather, it doesn’t sound like my kind of movie.

This next movie is probably the most interesting and it came from one of my boy students. I believe it’s a foreign film (not a Korean movie). Here’s our conversation (after his brief intro of his name and his topic and the movie title):

  • “There are two gay men. They are love but one man is married.”
  • “To who?”
  • “He is married a woman… Then, the other man eat man’s wife.”
  • He was still talking, but I stopped him…”eat?” (and make the motion of eating food).
  • He kind of grinned and said. “No….”
  • …confused…”not eat?”
  • “…Sex…. “
  • “ah….ok.”
  • “So man is angry and kill other man.” (possibly he said the wife, too, but I can’t remember)
  • “Why do you like this movie?”
  • “It’s not children movie.”
  • “Where did you see it?”
  • “At home”
  • “With who?”
  • “Alone”
  • ….”Is it porno?”
  • …slightly embarrassed grin and small nod

He got a ‘B’.



  1. sabby · · Reply

    This cracked me up! Especially the student who talked about the porn!
    I love your humor when you do write it! You should do it more often!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. I made my husband read the part about the last kid and he burst out laughing also!

  3. Haha amazing! I work in an international boarding school and often experience the same sort of thing!

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