My iPod’s Adventures

When I came to Korea, I had one of the first versions of the iPod Nano. I then met someone here who bought an iPod touch and I thought it was a great idea. I decided to buy one…and I was happy. 🙂  But when I went on a school trip to an amusement park, I kept it in my back pocket while I was ice skating and severely cracked it’s cover.


It took me a few months to bite the bullet and take it to some random shop that stated proudly it worked with iPhones. I paid about $150 (in cash for a discount) to have them replace the screen. I was so happy to just get it back, that it took me a day or two to realize that the screen didn’t properly fit. In other words, if I pushed the top left corner, it would move. So, when I went to Malaysia and dropped it from my hand to the floor, it cracked…again.

not as bad though

Since the damage wasn’t as distracting as the other time, I decided I would just repair it whenever it got worse. Somewhat fortunately(?) I didn’t replace it and I never will. When I went to the animal shelter, I listened to it on the car ride. By the time we got home though, it was gone. My guess is that it fell out of the car at a rest stop. I think I gave the iPod nano I originally had to somebody. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll buy another iPod anytime soon. Instead, I just have a few songs on my Android phone’s memory card and I change them up every now and then.

I have a red one


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