Next Semester

I never got around to applying for any graduate schools, although I still think about it. My problem is that I don’t know what I want to major in. I don’t want to pay money for a degree I won’t use. I don’t necessarily want a Master’s degree just to have a Master’s. Maybe someday soon I’ll start seriously looking at graduate schools again.

In the meantime, I will be working at least another year in Korea. I’ve decided to stay with the EPIK program. Last week I signed a renewal contract. However, I will be going to an elementary school! I wanted to change it up and some of my co-teachers were surprised to learn that I would be changing schools.

There are several reasons for why I’m moving from a high school to an elementary school, although I don’t really want to complain in too much detail. I guess my biggest problem is a lack of co-teacher support in the classroom especially considering the low-English ability of the majority of my students. This isn’t to say that all my co-teachers are bad, and some might just have bad days, but yeah…it can be pretty frustrating. I also want to teach students who have a little more enthusiasm in the classroom. We’ll see how it goes. 😉

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about changing schools. The elementary school is in the same city and fairly close to my old school. However, I’ll be closer to the shopping district for that part of town. ^.^ The Adidas store will be a 5 minute walk instead of 40!

I want to move into a ‘two-room’ or a 1-bedroom apartment. Right now I’m basically in a studio apartment which is the standard issue for all single foreign teachers in Korea. It’ll be pricier, but with a quickly growing puppy, it will definitely be worth it. Unfortunately, I probably won’t have any furniture. Because I plan on looking for my own place, the school doesn’t have to provide furniture/appliances. Therefore, I will probably sleep without a bed for the next year. The move won’t be for another 2 months though…can you believe I’ve been here almost 2 years already!?

There’s not much extra room in my apartment that I’m leaving out of the picture. Not having a bed will definitely open up floor space, too.


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