Health Updates

I figured I might as well keep these up. 🙂 It’s something to talk about and I’m trying to be a healthier person…so it’s a big part of my life. Actually, it fits in with my blog title. When I feel healthier, I feel happier. Maybe I’ll start a mini-blog series on here about my health and happiness. Something to think about.

Right Ankle and Calf Muscle

Well, my right ankle (which had the high ankle sprain) is about 90~95% healed. I know it’s still not perfect. Someone found my blog by searching for “pain in the back of ankle after high ankle sprain.” Yes, random person out there, I also feel that pain. I feel it whenever I point my toe. I find that stretching my ankle has significantly helped with the pain. Right now I can’t fully point my toe. I stretch it a few times a week—I’m pretty bad at remembering to do it daily. Anyway, it feels like something is back there preventing me from fully pointing my toe and it’s painful/uncomfortable. On a side note: If I stretch it too much, I feel a dull ache later on the top of my ankle—where the sprain was.

When I couldn’t walk on my right foot, I couldn’t push off the balls of my feet whatsoever. As a result, my calf muscle started to atrophy. After 6 weeks, it was ~2 cm smaller than my left calf muscle; it was flabby; I had no absolutely no muscle definition when I flexed it. Being able to walk again, my calf muscle is slowly developing again. A little less flab, a little more definition, but still ~1cm smaller than my left calf. At least I don’t feel quite as embarrassed and awkward about it when I wear shorts or skirts.

relaxed…looks so pathetic 😦 Pretty sure my left leg is smaller too since I didn’t do any leg exercises for so long

flexed…*sigh*…getting there…when I flexed it the first time 2 weeks ago there was absolutely nothing

Diet and Exercise

I’m trying to eat healthier and increase my veggie intake. I can’t stand the taste of most vegetables and I’ve never been a big vegetable eater. (I would starve as a vegetarian. Lol.) The only vegetable I can tolerate is a leafy green with like no flavor. It’s kind of like eating crunchy water. The best way for me to eat it is with a small piece of meat wrapped up in each leaf. Fortunately, this is how Koreans eat their ‘barbeque’ so it kinda works for me. Now however, I’m trying to consume more vegetables. The best way for me to do this is by mixing them into shakes with fruits and either yogurt or milk. Yes, I’m like a little kid and I have to trick myself so that I don’t taste vegetables while I drink it.

As far as exercise, I’m sticking to home workouts. I haven’t gone to the gym since I sprained my left ankle back in March (which was 3 weeks before my right ankle sprain). So, I’ve been scouring the internet and some fitness magazines that I brought with me from the States when I visited back in February. Having a puppy is pretty helpful too. Because my home is so small, I want her to be relaxed and sleepy inside the home, so it means she needs a lot of outside play time. I get up at 6:45am and walk and/or play with her for an hour. I play with her a little around 5pm and 7:30pm. Then I walk with her for another hour at night. It’s been leaving me exhausted. (I’ve been crashing around 10:30pm lately.)

She LOVES to play in the grass. Although she was scared of it at first, I think she likes the sound it makes when she runs around on it. lol


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