A Girls’ Night Out in Daegu

I can’t believe 6 months have come and gone since I last went to Daegu for a night out. It was also the first time I went to join up with only girls: one is a Korean dating an American and the other is Thai and dating an Englishman. Anyway, it was the first time I had ever hung out with just them and not my guy friends. 🙂

We first met up at the bus terminal in Daegu and stop at Korea’s fast-food burger joint: Lotteria. (It’s pales in comparison to any American fast-food burger joint and it includes strange burgers on the menu including a shrimp burger and a ‘lady’ burger made with a rice bun.) After that, we got in a taxi and headed downtown. The typical things people do in major cities at night tend to be either drinking at a bar or going to a club…and we did just that.

Our first stop was at a western bar called Traveller’s Bar and Grill. When we were there, the girl from Thailand ended up bumping into a bunch of people she knew from university. (At that time, she was an exchange student in one of Daegu’s universities.) So we socialized with them for a bit until she decided she wanted to meet up with some more of her friends at a Hookah bar.

They ordered 3 hookahs

At the hookah bar, one of my guy friends actually joined us, too. I’m not really into hookah bars but I didn’t want to ditch my friends so I stuck around and tried to talk to all the new faces. The hookah bar set up is kind of interesting. You sit on the floor with a low table. There are long pillows and cushions to sit on. It’s dimly lit with candles on the table. It’s really quite cozy and I, for one, was starting to feel drowsy. It was time to dance!

Most of us (I think there was 9 of total)

The people we were with wanted to go to a bar instead of a club, but me and my “Korean sister” really wanted to go clubbing so the other girl decided to stick with us and not ditch us for her other friends. We went to a free club called Posha. (It’s free for foreigners but I think there’s a cover fee for Koreans.) Anyway, we danced the night away. Well, I did. The girls got tired and left around 3 or 4am. My guy friend and I continued to dance for another hour or two. He went to a Jimjilbang to crash, and I took the 6am train home. 🙂  Who needs sleep!?  LOL…actually it’s because I’m cheap: I didn’t want to spend more money and I had enough energy to make it home.

Anyway, I haven’t had a night like that in a long time! My life here sure has changed. 😉


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Those are the memorable moments, cherish them, trust me there aren’t that many.. make time for them….
    Don’t be like my parents, they are retired and are afraid of going across the street.

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