1 Year Anniversary

Our anniversary was actually last week, but I got too caught up in talking about and taking care of Sue Jung that I didn’t get around to writing a blog. By the way, she came home from the hospital Friday evening. (The vet she was very well trained and never whined in her kennel.)

Back home and happy with her new toy…she brings all her toys into her kennel

One year anniversaries in Korea seem to go the same way as they do in America…whatever the couple decides they want to do. Hyun-oo and I initially wanted to see a movie or go to a mountain, but we haven’t had time. (He has been studying for finals.) He wanted us to buy something for each other, but there’s really nothing we need…so we ended up buying pillow cases and some groceries. By the way, linens are annoyingly expensive in Korea. The pillow cases cost about 10,000 won ($10) each; the cheapest I have ever found was 6,000 won ($6) but it was crap.

The pair of sheets currently on the bed are owned by the school…hideous I know–just like the wallpaper

We did decide to write each other letters. Unfortunately, Hyun-oo didn’t come through on his letter the day of our anniversary. I guess he tried to make up for it by buying us a small chocolate cake. (The buying a small cake is the only difference I can see…I’ve never really seen a one year anniversary cake for two people, but it’s very common in Korea.)

He did write me a letter the next day. He wrote two, actually, but they said roughly the same thing. One was written in Korean and the other in English. ^.^ Mine was just written in English. I feel like that because I write a journal everyday in Korean, I already write to him everyday in Korean.


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