Sue Jung…WHY!?

Sue Jung…why do you like to eat things that you shouldn’t?! She loves her crate but she likes to tear up the blanket I gave her. (I cut up an old blanket of mine and put it in her kennel and I guess the stuffing is a little too accessible.)

She will chew anything…even towels

I have been taking her upstairs to the roof (like a giant patio) for her potty breaks and play time. She loves it, but she tends to want to eat things that are on the roof—namely stones. If I can get close enough to her, I can get it out of her mouth, but not always. (Especially for the first few days when I was working with her on getting used to human contact.)

Thursday night she coughed up what looked like blood. Friday she did the same thing (but less pink) and this time a piece of concrete and a bit of stuffing came up with it. So, Saturday we took her to the vet. Because her eating, behavior, and temperature were normal, he said not to worry, monitor what she eats and give her softer treats so she’ll stop eating concrete.

Chewing on a chew toy like a good girl ^^

So that was going fine and dandy. Monday night I decided to sew up one of the blanket pieces so that she can’t tear out and eat the stuffing any more. I left the needle on my desk but Tuesday evening I found the tip of the needle but I couldn’t find the rest of it anywhere. Luckily, Wednesday was a national holiday so I took Sue Jung to the hospital. They did an xray and it turns out she did eat the needle….and 4 other metal pieces–one of which was from a lighter. (Luckily?) they were all in her in her stomach and there was no metal in her intestines.

She was playing with the blanket while I was sewing it

In a way, her eating the needle was kind of a blessing in disguise. If she hadn’t eaten the needle, we would have never suspected she had other metal in there. The vet thinks at least one of the pieces was eaten a long time ago. Anyway, the surgery went well and she will be there for the next two nights. If you’re curious, it cost 550,000won (about $500).  I’m so worried about her and I miss her so much!!!

Poor Sue Jung ㅠㅠ


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