Last Day on Ulleungdo (Day 3 of 3)

The last day, we had a less intensive tour of Ulleungdo than we had the previous day. A bus took us around the island and the driver acted as a tour guide while someone translated. We got to see different rock formations that resembled animals around the island and even made a quick stop for a photo opportunity of one of the formations.

I think they said this was about angels…or more exactly: “they live in the sky”

Then, we headed to a mono-rail ride that took us to the top of a mountain with a lighthouse. The view from the top was breath-taking. Unfortunately, we couldn’t spend a lot of time there.

The last stop of the bus ride took us to a small village nestled between some mountains to eat lunch. We ate a bibimbap (비빔밥) lunch: a vegetarian meal with assorted vegetables and rice that you mix together. There was a bit of time after lunch but someone misunderstood and wandered pretty far…he came running when he realized everyone was on the buses and were getting ready to go.

After that, we (and the buses) boarded an open ferry. It drove us around the island while we enjoyed the open sea and snapped away on our cameras. Some seagulls were flying around incredibly close. This was largely because some Koreans on-board were encouraging them by throwing them food. Maybe it was the novelty for them, but I would NEVER do that and didn’t like seeing them so close.

Once we docked, got back on a bus to get our belongings back at the hotel. Then, we went back to the port to get on the boat back to Pohang where a McDonald’s dinner was waiting for us. (It was a Korean ‘bulgogi burger’…not on the American menu.) We arrived around 5pm and then the bus back to the original departure spot from Daegu arrived around 7pm. Anyway, that was the end of my quite exhausting (but educational) trip to Ulleungdo.

These were our “tour” buses on the island…we filled 3 of them

Feel free to check out my Ulleungdo Album on Flickr. ^_^


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