No-Kill Animal Shelters in Korea

There are a few no-kill shelters in South Korea. They are located in/around major cities: Daegu 대구, Busan 부산, Asan 아산, Anseong 안성, Daejeon 대전, Jeju Island 제주, Pocheon 포천, and Yangju 양주. Most of these shelters have a volunteering program and quite a few foreign volunteers head out to the shelters to spend time with the animals, walk the dogs, feed the animals, and/or clean their cages. A few of the shelters have a fostering program: you provide a temporary home for an animal, house train, and try to get them adopted ASAP. (I talked a little about that in this post.)

I’ve been wanting to go to the Daegu shelter to help out for a couple of months now, but have always had an excuse not to go. Now that I’m considering adopting a puppy, I headed out to the Asan shelter. It was quite a trek: a 3 hour drive to get to there. That said, I thought the trip was totally worth it.

cats, small dogs, and a mini clinic area

I got to meet a lot of dogs of all sizes. I didn’t quite meet the cats; they were in a room and I didn’t know how to enter it. They have a LOT of different dog breeds at the shelter. A large percentage of dogs can be categorized into these breeds:shih tzu, jindo, terrier, or samoyed. There was even a husky and a border collie. I will say that almost all the dogs were incredibly friendly and loved people—begging/barking for attention.

larger dog area; can’t fit it all in 1 pic

I fell in love with their one pit bull. She was incredibly sweet! Unfortunately, she needs more of an 1-animal home. I walked her for a little bit…she does have quite a bit of power. She doesn’t get along with other dogs too well, but she is incredibly sweet to people.

I also walked another dog, but I have no idea what she is. She’s a smaller medium-size dog. She was a bit crazy on the leash. She was jumping straight up and down. When she encountered the pit bull (who was lounging on a leash with another volunteer), she jumped into the air and landed on her back…she was kind of hard to walk at first—she did more jumping than walking. Then, when she got to some dirt along the paved road, she went to town making a hole. Hahaha. She did eventually calm down and actually did well on the leash (no pulling!).

It was hard to get a picture of her standing still!

Anyway, the most important dog we met was the jindo mix with her 6 week old puppies. I was initially interested in the mother (before she was pregnant) because she is incredibly docile and loves people. (Unlike the other dogs, she didn’t bark.) She did practically try to jump out of the cage when the volunteer was trying to get her collared and leashed so I could see the puppies. The puppies were cute! One is definitely more outgoing the other but both were pretty timid. Anyway, they were too cute for words and hopefully the mom’s personality rubs off on them. 🙂

More pictures here. 🙂


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