Going Stir Crazy

It’s been about 6.5 weeks into my ankle recovery. I say recovery, because it is STILL recovering. This week, I have started walking without a cast at school. My ankle sometimes hurts by the end the day, but it’s not TOO painful. I do have it wrapped/braced. I also don’t usually sleep with it wrapped. However, I’ve had some painful spasms that have woken me up…so I slept with it wrapped last night.

Anyway, my point is that I’m going stir crazy. The weather is getting nice but I haven’t really been able to go outside and enjoy it. Spring is here, and some days it feels like the beginning of summer. Cherry blossom season is over and, basically, I missed it. I tried to snag some pictures in a car ride and at my school (they planted some cherry trees when they were blossoming). Needless to say, I really missed out.

I just really want to get out of my apartment and take some long walks. Unfortunately, my ankle isn’t fully ready for it. I’ve been doing some strength training/flexibility exercises…but my ankle still hurts with too much pressure on my toes, it’s definitely weak pointing down and pointing in. Also, my calf muscle is significantly smaller/weaker. I tried walking a bit more normal today, and it was sending me some painful messages. LOL. I’m going to an animal shelter on Sunday to look at the previously mentioned puppy and possibly volunteer/walk some dogs. *Here’s hoping my ankle can handle it!*


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