Talent Show

A few months ago, my school had a talent show and they asked me if I wanted to participate. They asked me about a month in advance, so I told them sure. It was enough time for me to prepare a song on my flute.

I didn’t put a lot of effort into my preparation, but I had a song prepared in time for the concert. I was told to come on a Wednesday night for a practice rehearsal. A teacher told me to meet her near the teacher workroom around 8pm. I showed up, but she was nowhere to be seen. I also didn’t know where the rehearsal was taking place. Instead, I wandered the hallways watching small groups of students talking with each other.

Student art work in the halls

One group of outgoing boys asked me to join in the game they were playing. They had some chairs set up and one person was pretending to be the taxi driver picking up passengers and/or hitting pedestrians. LOL. It was pretty amusing.

They noticed my flute and they wanted me to play for them. I figured, why not. I played a bit of the music for them which they seemed to enjoy. Then I, somehow, persuaded them to show me their dance. Their dance routine fell apart and they started rough-housing. Lol. I called it quits after an hour and went home.

The people standing WERE dancing…but I think the kid on the floor kept messing up

My performance was to be held the following night on campus. (I was a little ‘angry’ to find out that not only was it not during school hours, but it was AFTER school on a Friday night.) They didn’t know the exact time, but I was in the second half of the performances. They told me to be there around 7, but just before 7pm, I got a phone call that they were having electric/speaker problems so it was late. I was then told to come later, so I showed up around 8 and watched some of the singing and dancing groups that went on stage. A few performances before mine, there were these three very talented girls singing. Unfortunately, the speakers had a problem with their voices and the speakers stopped working. The show was brought to a halt.

One of the dance routines. There were also bands and singers…some talented, some funny, some just boring

I was on my way home when I got a phone call telling me that the speakers were working again and that I should come back. I did, but only about half of the audience returned. I did my performance, and I was glad when it was over. I stuck around until almost 10pm before going home. Oh, two of my students did caricatures of me!

I have more pictures and some video samples of the different performances in my flickr album.  Some of the songs are K-Pop; only a few are from ‘Western’ culture.


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