Rooftops and Ari

The weather is finally getting warm and I can officially say that Spring is here. I’ve packed up my winter things and I am slowly bringing out my short-sleeves. Today I didn’t have anything planned. If my ankle was healed, I would have gone on a very long walk around town. *sigh*

A friend took this pic for me: cherry blossoms. ^^

Anyway, I decided to try and enjoy the warmth of the day on my apartment roof. I’m currently reading a book about happiness that really resonates with me, and reading it outside seems the best way to enjoy it. I thought I’d share my happiness and see how Ari would like it. She loves looking out the windows in my apartment, so I thought this wouldn’t be too bad. (By love, I mean she looks out the window, gets excited, runs around my apartment, scratches at her scratching post, and runs back to the window. haha.) So, I grabbed one of trench-coats to sit on, Ari, and my book. On the roof, the cool breeze was much more pronounced but the heat of the sun felt awesome. Ari, on the other hand, couldn’t decide if she enjoyed it or not.

Book, Ari, trench-coat, and a sandal to keep the jacket from blowing around.

She cried the whole time. First she was rubbing on me (self-petting?). When she got a little brave, she ventured off my jacket and onto the concrete. She rolled around a few times (still meowing), came back to me, and repeated the process again. I realized she had enough when I caught her jumping on the door handle to go back into the building. (My bathroom has a lever handle and she’s figured out how to open it. Lol) Needless to say, we headed back in after I had read only one very short chapter. This, I think, is a sign that I need a dog. ^_^

The only angle I can get where you can see Ari, the floor of the roof and the buildings outside…Ari usually headed in the other direction which faces a mountain and has a solid cement wall.

A note about apartments

I find there are two types of apartments in Korea: they are either about four stories tall or they are high-rises. The shorter apartments have an enclosed and accessible rooftop. My previous and current apartments have four floors and, therefore, an easily accessible roof. Also, in both apartment buildings, I lived on the top floor with the stairs immediately outside my door. And yes, it is oh so convenient. In my two apartment buildings, there are no first floor apartments (it’s just the entry way and then an open parking lot). The buildings numbered their apartments to avoid the number 4 (which means death). So, in my previous apartment, there were the 200, 300, and 500 apartments. My current apartment has the 100, 200, and 300 apartments. (I lived in 501 and now 301…both of which are on the fourth floor.)



  1. Jazmin Jones · · Reply

    Ha! Ari used to open my bathroom door when she was here. I always close it, and suddenly I started coming home to find it open. I was a bit freaked out, thinking the apt. manager was coming in or something when I wasn’t there. Then, I actually saw her in the act! Lucky for me, she never taught Mojo that trick 🙂

  2. The four floors thing is a tax reduction method. Some years ago, the laws were changed to introduce a new specific category of mid-rise buildings, up to four stories in height with their own taxation bracket. Any more floors and you jump up to a new bracket. This has fuelled a boom for those one-room apartment blocks around universities without rooftop access where the owner has the entirety of 4F to themselves and their family. This way, the floor just remains un-numbered because its a penthouse basically, or they can number it according to the stairwell door on 3F. I mean, you could slap apartments on 4F, but you’ll have to reduce the rent a little on apartments 401-403 and slash it on apartment 404 (and deal with tenants planning to commit suicide, or furry ners).

    Seoul is one of the few places you’ll see five and six story buildings, but these presumably pre-date the laws (eg: moon villages), or the land value and acceptable rent levels are great enough that playing with the system isn’t necessary.

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