Magic Art Exhibit

A popular thing for people to go to is a Magic or Trick Art Museum. Since I’ve been in Korea, I’ve seen most of my fellow expats upload some pretty interesting pictures onto Facebook. However, they were the ones that usually lived in the big cities like Seoul, Daegu, and Busan. A little over a month ago, I noticed a flier on my way to the gym for a “Magic Art” Show in Gumi.

Yes it’s in Korean, but it’s got some Konglish, and that was the sign I saw!

Somewhat out of the blue, my friend wanted to come visit. I met this friend through mutual friends over a year ago in Yecheon. Since then, we’ve mainly built up our friendship online via Facebook and Skype. We usually toss out invites to meet up, but they rarely happen. I happened to bump into him when I joined my friends for a “Girls’ Night Out”. Lol. Anyway, so this was the third occasion I met him face to face…and we actually had a plan!

Unfortunately, the trick art exhibit wasn’t the easiest to get to, and it wasn’t where we thought it would be. Once we were there, we paid for our tickets (about $10) and then walked through taking pictures and posing with the ones that we thought were interesting. (We mostly chose different pictures to pose with, but some we overlapped.)

After that, we decided to head back downtown. We were going to part ways with my friend, but then we decided to hit up a ride called “Tambourine.” It was really cheap, only about $3, and we had a fairly short wait. We got to ride for about 15 minutes. The operator basically talks, makes jokes, and tries to shake people loose. Other employees do some tricks on it whenever the operator spins it (like flips, or acting like he’s going to kick the people). It was a blast.

So that was a short little weekend trip within Gumi. Nothing too exciting, and I’ve uploaded on flickr page.


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    It sounds like you had an awesome time, is quality not quantity…glad you are enjoying yourselves…God Bless\

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