Taking Care of a High Ankle Sprain

When I sprained my left ankle last month, I went to a small little clinic and continued to go every weekday for about 1.5 weeks for “therapy”. At that time, I knew my left ankle wasn’t too ‘serious’ and I didn’t need to go to a real hospital. This time, however, My right ankle hurt a whole lot more to walk on after I injured it, and I didn’t really want to go back to the same doctor. I mean…I feel stupid as enough as it is since I managed to sprain both my ankles within about a month–I didn’t want to have to face the same doctor, too.

So, that’s why I decided to go to Gumi Gang-dong Hospital 구미강동병원. It’s actually really close to my home:

I edited a screen shot on this girl’s blog http://blog.naver.com/ares0517?Redirect=Log&logNo=40070899641

As I said, the first day I went there, I got a cast with a boot, and 9 days worth of medication. He told me to come back after 9 days…so I did. In the mean time, I’ve been trying to research through the internet about my ankle sprain. A lot of things about this sprain are much different from any previous one I’ve ever experienced. Anyway, based on all my symptoms, I’ve decided that I have a high ankle sprain. It’s basically the most serious ankle sprain that doesn’t require surgery.  It has the longest recovery time…the average time taking a minimum of 6 weeks to heal.

When I went back to the doctor, yesterday, I was told that it would take at least another 2 weeks to heal…possibly up to 2 months. (It’s definitely a high ankle sprain.) He told me to keep walking around in the splint until the pain is gone. Then he left me with another 9-day prescription and told me to come back next week on Friday. (Unlike the first time, I skipped taking the shot to the bum.)

Sexy cast and boot…I’ve decided to wear a sock (it only goes over half my foot/splint)

I’m not very impressed with this doctor, and I don’t plan on going back. All he did was talk to the person I came with (a co-teacher), and very briefly at that. Only the first time did he look at my ankle for like 30 seconds and then he sent me to get an x-ray (and then didn’t look at it again). Anyway, thanks, but no thanks.

I will, however, keep taking care of my ankle, and keep walking around in the boot. I decided not to fill the prescription because I think it’s unnecessary. The pain/discomfort I do feel is not enough to require pain medicine and, from what I can see, there is no swelling/inflammation…well keeping it wrapped (compressed) and occasionally elevated helps with that.

Last night, I decided to get self mini-assessment on the limitations of my ankle. The ligaments are still very weak–I can’t balance on one foot for more than a second or two…and even that kind of strains. When I use my hand as a type of resistance, it hurts to push down with my toes and i can’t push with much pressure in some directions.  There is discomfort in almost all directions of rotation. I still have to sleep with the brace on…the angles/pressure from the blanket was to uncomfortable/painful when I tried it for about 2 minutes.

I took a week break from exercise, but I’ve decided to get back to doing some light exercise (sit-ups and different things with hand-weights). Other than keeping my ankle in a splint basically 24-7, I plan on doing some small strength training with my ankle (flexing, pointing, and pushing against my hands). I will also start stretching/rotating it little by little (up to the point-not beyond-the feeling of discomfort). This is standard stuff that I remember having to do from when I had slightly torn my ankle years ago.  Anyone have any other suggestions?



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hey dear all I can add is take care and don’t try to do too much while it’s still trying to heal. Thinking of you and praying it will heal fast. Love you Gramma

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    bro i skateboarded the day after my high ankle sprain, DOIT

  3. Right after I sprained it, I had to continue hiking down a mountain for 3~4 km. That may be why it took so long to heal. Most days I’m good now, though

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