About Getting a Dog

I mentioned a little while ago about wanting to get a dog. It’s why I pet-sit the beautiful dog, Beast. Unfortunately, my apartment is just too small for a dog with that much energy. Therefore, I’ve decided to hold of on actually getting a dog until at least August (when I can get out of a studio apartment and hopefully into a one-bedroom apartment). After pet-sitting Beast, I thought about him a lot, especially since he left his toy bear here and Ari was beginning to like his toy. So, my plan was to see if he was still up for adoption come September.

I have been checking his adoption page every couple of days to see how he was doing; either still with his caretakers or new fosters. The caretakers had said that if they didn’t find a new home for him pretty soon, then they’d have to put him in a shelter. I had actually thought about telling Beast’s caretakers that I would take him if they became serious about putting him in a shelter—but I never got around to it… About a week or two after I pet-sit him, the people that were watching him sent him to a shelter. I e-mailed the guy who was watching him to find out why…I guess Beast bit his wife when she was putting him into his kennel. He didn’t bite her hard, but they don’t have the time (nor the experience) to train a dog. With him in the shelter, I was hoping that maybe his energy would go down in a confined space as he matured and hopefully he’d still be available to adopt in September. About a week ago, however, I looked at Beast’s adoption page and saw he is no longer available for adoption. They euthanized him because he became too aggressive. I was so devastated and it still pains me to think about it.

RIP Beast…I miss you.

I’m still looking at dogs, but not as much as I was before. I would definitely like a jindo-mixed dog; I think they’re absolutely gorgeous with an ideal size (medium). There are a few things holding me back. 1) I’m worried about being able to find a pet-sitter when I want to go on vacation. 2) Any dog will require behavioral training, so I’m hoping my next job will leave me with more free-time to be at home. 3) Am I ready for the demand/task of picking up my dog’s poop daily off the street? 4) Will getting a dog really be a wise choice for me?

When people ask me why I do I want to get a dog, I’m still not 100% sure of my answer. I love having a cat around but I miss having a dog. A dog is much more entertaining and fun to travel with (trips to beaches or mountains or parks). However, they are obviously needier and require more time and attention. On some level, I’d like to have a dog as an excuse to not stay inside when I don’t feel like going out (like teacher dinners). I’d also like a dog as a way to motivate me to exercise/walk outside more. I’d also like my cat to have another animal around. (She came from a foster home with multiple cats and dogs.) Anyway, I’ll keep scouring Animal Rescue Korea for adoptable dogs while I contemplate…and I’m also leaning towards fostering a dog instead of full-out adopting one.



  1. So sorry to hear about Beast. I fostered a cat for a while; she was such a shy, sensitive thing but once she warmed up she was the sweetest cuddliest lap cat you could ever find. I had to move though and she had to go to a different foster home. It broke my heart to have to give her up, because she’d been in foster care for a couple years and it was so hard for her to adjust each time. I’m afraid to find out where she is or how she’s doing because i’m afraid to find that she’d been put back into the shelter or euthanized.
    I’ve been thinking about fostering a dog while here in Japan.. i have a roommate now so if she’s up for it i think we might be doing that eventually.

    1. Fostering an animal is so much better than leaving the animal in a shelter, for sure. It would be pretty awesome for you to foster a dog, especially if your roommate is up for it too.

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