Dosan Seowon 도산 서원

I mentioned a while ago about going on a trip, but I never actually finished the story. After my friends and I re-crossed the freezing cold river, we headed to a very famous historical site outside of Andong City (but still within it’s borders: 안동시, 도산면, 토계리 ). It’s called Dosan Seowan (도산 서원) and it was a private Confucian academy built in 1574. Back in its prime, it was the center of the Yeongnam school of Neo-Confucianism. I’m not sure when exactly it fell into disuse, but there is a sign that mentions 1794 and it was repaired in 1970. [These details are from the information boards on site.]

Seeing as it was an academy, there was a schoolroom:

Of course, there were dormitories for the students:

There were two identical buildings, built on the left and right side of the path for their library.

There were also rooms for the caretakers:

The place closed pretty early so I didn’t get all the pictures I wanted. However, I took some other pictures of some more buildings, the still active well, and and the garden. By the way, this place is on top of a steep mountain…and…did I mention it was cold…and my pants were still soaked!?


We finished the night back in the city of Andong. We ate their famous fish, 고등어 (go-deung-oh)…or mackerel to everyone else. ^_^

Lastly, we stopped by Andong’s Moonlight bridge (월영교) but not for too long because the temperature had really dropped and our jeans were showing no sign of drying.

…and that is the end of one of my weekend adventures….more pics in my flickr album.


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