White Day and a Rude Co-Teacher

So two days ago was White day (March 14), which I mentioned on Valentine’s Day. White Day is the day when the boys are supposed to shower their love on their girl(s).  lol.  So the normal gifts are: on Valentine’s Day, a girl gives the guy chocolate; on White Day, boys give girls candy or white chocolate.


My gifts: a fake rose with candy, handmade chocolates, and a boxing bear. ^^

I thought the bear was super cute so I brought it to school with me. I wanted to keep it on my desk to kind of cheer me through my stressful day. Halfway through the day some of my co-teachers noticed and they all cooed over how cute it was and some looked a bit envious to hear I got it for White Day. (Two of them are older than 30, not married, and no boyfriend..which is kind of seen as strange–in a bad way–because it’s not what ‘normal’ women in Korea are “supposed” to do.)

Anyway, after that, I had a class with one of my co-teachers (a much older woman who I assume is married). I was very surprised to see she entered the classroom (after me) with my bear in her hand! I was taken aback and a little angry but I didn’t want to make a scene. She kept it in the back of the classroom with her for the duration of the class and didn’t give it to me until class was over. I was relieved to have it back, even if it was a little dirty. 😦  I verified with a co-worker later, and what that woman did is RUDE even in Korea!  #wtf


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