Ankle Update

I am thankful that my vice principal gave me both Thursday and Friday off, so I got to stay up late, sleep in, and just do a whole lot of nothing. Friday, I went back to the doctor. I didn’t take any crutches, but he did re-wrap my foot. I was told to come back on Monday. A weekend without walking…I was sooo bored…..

It swelled a bit on Saturday, so I kept it elevated after that.

Monday, I taught the my full five days of classes and luckily, one of my co-teachers volunteered to go with me after she finished her extra class at 6:10pm. We spent about an hour(!) with the doctor. But…celebration! The bandages are finally off! The doctor was surprised to see that my ankle is still tender. (I can’t put my full weight on my toes and parts of it hurt when pressed.) He said I probably, again, partially tore the ligaments. The doctor then surprised me with his version of therapy/treatment.

I got acupuncture to the forehead (two needles). Which caused me to see a red/brown tear-drop spot in the center of my vision for a good 3 minutes.

Then, I went into therapy. I got some nerve electrolysis. It felt so weird and I didn’t enjoy it.

After the bottom pads were strapped in, a larger heating pad covered it all.

Then I had some “deep tissue” nerve thing: it just felt really warm but parts of it hurt. (Sorry no picture.) Then my ankle sat under an infra-red(?) big LED light…

It looked way cooler on camera than it did in person.

The last thing was some kind of laser/electric shock thing.

Anyway, he wants me to come back everyday for the next week for therapy. At least I’m done with medicine and the wrap. Oh…I also found out that he would have given me a cast and crutches if I didn’t have to work at a high school.



  1. Wouldn’t ultra red be just green or something?

    1. ooops…I guess I meant infra-red LED light…anyway I’ll edit it now. ^^

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