Back to School…and Taking a Sick Day

I’m back at school, and I’ve got quite the workload: three days a week I teach five classes practically back-to-back. (I have a one hour lunch break.); the other two days I have two or three classes. Anyway, Wednesday was one of my light days with only three classes but I was bit tired with being thrust back into work. I decided that I wanted to treat myself to a soda at the corner store across from my school.

I was in a bit of a hurry, so I half ran/half skipped down the stairs. Not a good idea. On the next to last stair, my left heel caught on the back of the step. I felt a pop and instant pain. I sank to the floor, breathed through the pain, and then took off my sock and shoe to inspect for damage (i.e. Horrendous swelling) but it looked…”okay.” So when the worst of the pain was gone, I stood up. I felt instantly nauseous but decided I would walk/limp to the store anyway to get the can of coke. (I then used it as a cold-pack once I got back to the teacher office.)

1st…ineffective ‘bandage’ from the school “nurse”

So…Hurray for twisting my ankle…again! About 10 years ago I tore my left ankle when I was fooling around playing tennis. September 2010, I sprained my right ankle when I first came to Korea. What I didn’t tell you was that I refused to go to the doctor and my ankle ended up killing me for the next 3-4 months—not that it stopped me from jogging or playing soccer on it.

Anyway, due to the prior damage of my left ankle and the prolonged pain of my untreated right ankle sprain, I decided that I would take my co-teachers’ advice and visit a doctor. So after I painfully limped my through two more classes, I left school an hour earlyto go to a doctor’s clinic.

The clinic is not part of a hospital and is located above a restaurant. (This isn’t unusual: the laser/skin clinic I went to is above a pharmacy, and my dentist is above other restaurants.) They x-rayed my ankle (but didn’t give me an x-ray vest which I found strange) and then I into the doctor office so he could look some more at my ankle. The doctor pressed firmly just below the ankle bone (the outside knobby part), which caused me to howl in pain. It was a little tender on the side of it too, but not as bad as it was under…which he pressed again.

He ‘braced’ my ankle, but in a ‘relaxed’ position—so that it is very painful if I stand flat on it.

So what exactly happened to my ankle? The ligaments, which connect my lower leg to my foot, are way stretched out. He said that I CANNOT walk on it for three days. If I do, then I risk dislocating my ankle bone (the ball that sticks out on the outside of the ankle).  I paid $5 for the visit before leaving. Unfortunately for me, my ankle hurt worse than it did before I came to the clinic (pretty sure that’s because of he pressed so hard on it).

Then, when I woke up the next morning, it still hurt to put any form of pressure on it. The idea of hopping on one leg to school and through 5 classes did NOT sound appealing. So, I called my co-teacher who then got it approved from the vice-principal for me to stay home today. As for tomorrow, I requested either a full day or half-day off, but I won’t know if it’s approved until tomorrow morning. My plan is to go to the doctor in the morning and request some crutches! (Apparently in Korea, only crazy people or people with casts use crutches, though…weird, right?)

Thursday night…still a little painful to limp on and a little swollen

Am I babying my ankle? Maybe…but I really want it to heal fast so I can walk normally again and get back in the gym. By the way, I still did some light exercising in my home today. (It was mostly ab-work and some upper body stuff with my light 2kg (5lb) hand weights.)

UPDATE: I got the full day off and went back to the doctor. If I walk, I should limp on my heel. I shouldn’t walk, though..and no crutches. 😦 I got some unknown pills to take for the next 3 days and a week and a half of very unique therapy.



  1. I hope you feel better , very soon; twisting ankles are never a good time, but at least you didn’t break it:)) Good luck and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, it’s NO fun…and I hate limping. I am soooo glad I didn’t break it. My sister broke her ankle in January.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hey I do hope and pray your ankle heals fast for you. I really thought they would have given you cruches or someplace to go get them. Take care love u

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