A Boxing Tournament

I’ve been following Amy’s blog for a while now. She came from Canada to teach English in Korea 7 years ago and now represents Korea as a professional boxer. Anyway, her fights are few and far between, but she had one two weekends ago. That Sunday, I headed to Gimhae (김해) to watch live boxing.

I kinda knew that boxing isn’t a popular sport in Korea, but it still wasn’t enough to prepare me for the sparsely populated gymnasium. (Even with free admission!) Needless to say, it was exceedingly easy for me to spot Amy. I gave her a quick hi and the let her be. From wrestling competitions, I know how stressful and how-in-the-zone you are/want to be before a match.

The tournament opened up with high school boys’ exhibition fights. They looked pretty tiny and weak in the ring.There were 6 fights lined up for the day. (Amy was #3.) The first fight was pretty interesting. It was a Korean guy against a guy from China. The ref cautioned the Chinese guy for talking during round one. In the first and second round, the Chinese spent his time dodging punches. He reminded of those blow-up clowns you punch and they keep bouncing back. I would have been beyond pissed if I was his opponent. The referee cautioned the Chinese for stalling, and before the end of the second round, the Chinese guy was knocked out.

He wasn’t smiling for long

The second fight was with two Koreans, and it also ended quickly with a knockout.

just before he fell

Then it was Amy’s fight! I was super excited for her. The Korean girl she was fighting was noticeably taller than her, so Amy was at a slight disadvantage because of reach. The first couple rounds went pretty well. Amy got in some good shots, but so did the Korean girl. However, by the third round, Amy’s face was looking pretty rough. Even though the Korean girl earned her fair share of head shots, she didn’t look nearly as battered. Their fight went into the 7th round before Amy got hit a bit too hard in the head and she stumbled (a technical knock-out). So, while Amy didn’t win, I was super proud of her for putting her all into it and for giving the Korean girl a hell of a fight.

The next fight wasn’t very interesting. It, too, ended with a technical knock-out because the opponent’s nose got really bloody.

The next fight lasted the whole time with some quality boxing. It ended in a tie.

The last fight was another girl fight: a girl from Thailand and the reigning champion in Korea (she’s holding the belt in the poster). The Korean girl was AWESOME; definitely the best female fighter of the day. Her match went the full-time, but was honestly boring. Her opponent kept locking up (hugging)…so it was just boring to watch. Needless to say, the Korean girl won.


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