Spring Break and a Puzzle

This past week was spring vacation. Last year, at Angye High School, I had to desk-warm during the entire time for a full day. In other words, I came to school and sat at my computer for 8 hours before I could go home. This high school, however, has made me feel so blessed and told me I didn’t have to come into work. What was I going to do with my time?! If I had known in advance, I would have probably planned a mini-trip abroad or within Korea. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan anything cool and exciting to do.

Late Sunday night I saw a 1,000 piece puzzle at the local Lotte Mart and decided to buy it. (It’s a big-mart similar to a Wal-Mart or K-Mart.) Of course, I immediately set to working on it even though it was past midnight.

finished the border and a few other random matches around 3am

One thing I wasn’t prepared for was Ari. She seemed obsessed with the puzzle (almost as much as I was). As most people know, cats usually get the midnight crazies, but she took it to extremes and tried to (repeatedly(!)) run over the puzzle. To prevent as much damage as possible, we covered the puzzle with clothing. This didn’t deter her though…she seemed all the more hell-bent: running on and then grabbing & bunny-kicking the clothing that was on the floor. LOL.

Monday, I started on the building, and Tuesday, I tackled the sky. (HORRIBLE)

Anyway, Monday and Tuesday were primarily my work with the puzzle. I spent a lot of time on the puzzle between studying Korean and sleeping. Lol…my average bed time this week was between 4 and 5 am.


Wednesday, I finished the sky and then worked on the dark bricks & water…both of which were no fun.

Finally finished it after 6 straight hours of work (well with an ordered-in dinner break)

Thursday I celebrated the last day of my Spring Break. I managed to sit around the house and do next to nothing. Well, I went to the gym and studied Korean, but that took only about 4 hours total. Oh, and I found a place for the puzzle:

Framed, and sitting on top of the TV on my desk


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