Missing Gaming

The past few days I’ve been re-watching episodes of The Guild. If you’ve never really played an MMORPG (mass multi-player online role playing game), then I’m not sure how much you’ll be able to relate to the story…but check it out anyway! Also, I’m not sure how much you will relate to me in this in the post. However, it’s been weighing on my mind and I feel a need to blog about it.

WoW: 1 of the most famous MMORPGs (pic courtesy of wiki). My parents play it.

When I first got introduced to RPGs (role-playing games), I was hooked. This began with Final Fantasy. I moved on to MMORPGs with Ultima Online (UO). Once I got a full-time job and college came into my life, I stopped gaming altogether for a while. Later, after college and when I had a comfortable income as a teacher, I was yearning for something to do on my down time. My friends introduced me to Everquest II and soon I was losing 20-30 hours/week to the game.

Google search: Character start screen

I created my own character, leveled and geared her up, and joined a guild that did some light group work. I soon got bored of that and moved up to a guild that raided once or twice a week. After acquiring a few pieces of gear, the guild fell apart. So, I looked into an even more challenging guild. I put in an application, went through the trial period, and became a full-time raiding guild member. Raids were three days a week plus additional questing and x2 events on nights off. I even decided to make an alt character, which I power-leveled with the help of my now ex, and soon she became an alt for guild raids. So, if it isn’t obvious to you, Everquest 2 was a fairly important part of my life.

When I came to Korea, I knew I’d have to cut down my raiding from 3 nights a week to 2 nights week (due to the time difference). However, they changed their raid days and so I was left to being able to raid only once a week…my Saturday morning. It wasn’t really working out for me and I ultimately decided to quit (at least for a short while).

google search

Anyway, a few days after I announced it to my guild, I logged back into my character. All of my characters’ gold was gone. I was sooo pissed. I must have given a guild member my password months prior to this and they must have kept it. I went EMO…I destroyed or sold all my characters’ belongings, gear…anything and everything of value. EVERYTHING. I stopped my monthly subscription and wiped the game off my computer. I was hurt and didn’t think I’d ever want to play again.

Over a year later, and I’m missing it. I miss being able to absorb myself into a computer game. I miss connecting to people through the internet: arguments, friendships, and everything in between. Online gaming and being in a guild brings people together because you see/talk to other guildies at least 15 hours/week (this can be good and bad). I was on really good terms with my guild leader and I told him what happened (right before I took the game off my comp). He still has me as an active member on their website and he told me I could join/reapply whenever I came back to the game.

Anyway, I don’t know if I will get back into gaming or if I would even play EQ2 again. I can’t figure out if I’m missing the actual act of gaming and all that it entails…or if it’s that I’m missing that time of my life. All I know is that I will lose a lot of time if I DO get back into the gaming world.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    They robbed you…that is unforgiveable. I say we hunt them down.

    1. That is exactly how I felt. It actually still makes me angry when I think about it because I was genuinely planning to get back into EQ2…until they did that to me.

  2. Back in the days I was playing Ragnarok Online but like really hardcore. It was a tough grinding MMORPG where you spent a year to reach the maximum level – even when you’re a very dedicated player. Most players don’t reach the max level in fact.

    Then I realized it was sucking out my life. I sold my account on ebay for a hefty sum; but years later I still find myself thinking about my character and what it became.

  3. I had no idea you were an MMO player! And I think it’s rad your parents play WoW. I started playing about two years ago, and it’s been an interesting journey for me. Now that my time’s much more limited by grad school, I use parental controls to limit the amount of time I can play—but I really miss the days when I was working full time and could spend every one of the hours I wasn’t working playing WoW. 😉 Just kidding… kinda. I CAN STOP WHEN I WANT. 🙂

    1. PS- I think it’s really crap that your guildmates wiped you out like that. 😦

    2. Well I didn’t get into EQ2 until after college (after I met you ^^). I’m tempted to start playing League of Legends. It’s HUGE in Korea, and it’s an MMO that I can play in short increments of time.

      PS: I’m genuinely surprised that quite a few of my friends, you guys out there, are “closet-gamers”. lol.

      1. Heheh, I’m not sure I’m that much in the closet any more—I used to tell people I had “a class” instead of “I’m raiding,” and I think I lot of people thought I was going to bible study since I raid Wednesday and Sunday evenings. o_O Now I’m much more open about my WoW experiences, because I genuinely believe you learn a lot of valuable skills when you raid (like having to deal with a bunch of different personalities and work well as a team to accomplish a common goal, ie killing internet dragons). 🙂

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