I adopted my cat back in October, and I went to visit my family in Texas last month. For that time, I connected through a facebook group (Petsitters in Korea) to find someone willing and able to pet-sit a cat. A woman ended up contacting me to pet-sit Ari so we did a ‘test’ meeting to see how they would react to each other. Ari didn’t like him and they hissed/growled at each other, but that was to be expected. We were just both relieved to see that the hissing/growling meant more of a ‘stay away from me’ rather than, “I’m going to attack any minute.” Anyway, she became Ari’s pet-sitter and after three days, the two cats got around to liking each other.

Ari and Mojo

Recently I’ve been thinking about a dog. I ended up seeing this dog through the same rescue group that I found Ari. I thought he sounded pretty ideal. He’s crate trained, doesn’t bark, and is paper trained. He’s also an Akita/Jindo mix so he was also the size I like. I contacted the person who is currently watching him to see about pet-sitting him for a night because the only unknown was how he would react to cats.

I picked up him Sunday night, and BOY did he have a LOT of energy. So, I took him for a short walk/jog before loading him up for the hour long drive back to my apartment. When we got to my apartment, he was very curious about his surroundings. So curious, that he really didn’t even seem to notice my cat. She, however, noticed him.

pretty boy! Don’t let this short nap fool you. 😉

She was on edge the entire time, growling and whatnot. When he got too close, she ‘attacked’ him; it was enough to spook him and he didn’t really approach her again. I was happy and relieved to see that he wasn’t aggressive. He also did pee (and landed(!)) on the paper. When it came time for bed, I put him in his kennel. That, come to find out, was not so kosher. Apparently, ‘crate trained’ meant he has a crate and will eventually calm down in it. He was whining and panting for a good 30 minutes before he calmed down. And, no, I didn’t let him out until morning.

In the morning, after a 40 minute walk/jog, I climbed back in to bed (hurray for a day off). I guess his former owner (not the one currently fostering him) never used to leave him alone when she was home. So, he whined while I was sleeping hoping that I would wake up. Needless to say, all this noise is NOT good for the apartment. I can’t risk noise complaints because the idea is for no one in my apartment to really be aware that I have a dog. So, in the end, we took him back to his foster home. It sucks because the dog had an AWESOME and sweet personality. *sigh*

Beaten into submission. LOL

Also, for the entire time he was here, I don’t think Ari ate or used her litter box. I also discovered that he ate two of her toys. I also noticed that he stole his toy back out of his kennel before we left…so I’ll have to throw away his toy. 😦 I really hope he finds a good owner because with a little training he’d be a great pet. If I were in an apartment that accepted dogs, I could and would have taken the time to train the whining. (Unfortunately dogs are ‘illegal’ in my apartment building—and I simply cannot risk getting ‘caught.’)

Anyway, here’s what I’m considering. 1) Fostering a small dog, at least the smaller dog would be less noticeable (noise and size). (My downstairs neighbors have a small dog and obviously no one has complained.) 2) Adopt a jindo-puppy mix to train–I really like those dogs and it’s what I want to own. 3) Wait to adopt a puppy or dog until after August where I would hopefully move into a larger apartment. That said…that dog is still on my mind. Any thoughts?


**If you want to see more pictures of Beast, click here…For Ari, here**


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