A Korean Valentine’s Day

The whole world is basically aware that yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon and add my small bit about how my Valentine’s Day went. I didn’t write anything last year about it, because well nothing happened and I had no idea that Valentine’s Day is done a little bit differently here. So…I’m going to warn you right now, my Valentine’s Day wasn’t anything special.

My gifts for Hyun-oo: There were 3 of those boxes but he ate almost the whole box in the 1st 10 minutes (0:05) of Valentine’s Day

First of all, I had to work. Here’s something peculiar to downright pointless (in my opinion) about the Korean education system. The students were just on a ‘winter vacation.’ During this time, most of them had to attend supplementary classes for a half-to-full day. (Obviously the seniors were exempt.) Winter vacation officially ended and all the students (minus the seniors) have to come back to finish the 2011 school year. “Finishing” the school year is only about a week or two of classes…so basically little to no teaching is going on and the teachers are merely baby-sitting the students. It’s so pointless! Well, at least I’m earning money, right? Anyway, that’s what I did on Tuesday. I worked a full school day and baby-sat students during my class period with them.

After school, I hurried home so I could quickly see Hyun-oo. I gave him the Twix candy. Then, unfortunately, he had to hurry off to work for the next five hours. So…yeah…I went to the gym. Today was a cardio day so I hopped on the elliptical for an hour and then cooled down with a 10-15 minute brisk walk on the treadmill. Then I came home and waited…exciting, right?

He eventually came back after work. So, I gave him the other two boxes of chocolates and he ordered in some smoked chicken. The smoked chicken is a bit pricey but it’s sooo delicious.

Well, are you wondering what he got me? Those of you in Korea probably aren’t wondering because you already know. In Korea, Valentine’s Day is the day for the GIRLS to profess their love and shower their sweetheart/romantic interest(s) in chocolates. If the boy accepts their offer, they will repay her (with interest, so to speak) on White Day …a month later (March 14). So basically, a boy can receive a lot of chocolate if he’s single and a lot of girls are interested in him. It can also be the time when he realizes that no girls like him. (hahahaha)

On the plus side, Hyun-oo has let me eat some of the chocolates I gave him. Hopefully he doesn’t over-do White Day for me (in regards to chocolate) because I really don’t want to have to exercise it all off later! Lol.



  1. so weird — on Valentine’s Day, the Korean cabby told Nikki and I that it was the opposite. He asked us what we got from our “boyfriends/husbands/ex-boyfriends/stalkers”. Then told me, “Don’t give your husband any candy. Today, he gives YOU candy. Then you give him candy on White Day.” Perhaps he’s trying to upset the apple cart. I was funny, though. It would have made sense if the Koreans had decided to do things the opposite way the Japanese do, but I was pretty sure they followed the same tradition. Thanks for confirming it. 🙂


  2. That sounds nice! In Spain it was way low-key too, they didn’t do much at all.

    I heard in Japan they do something similar. But guys give girls candy on one day, and the girls give guys books on the other (if I remember correctly!).

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