My Texas Vacation

Well, I’m back in Korea. I promised reflections…but I don’t think I’ll publish those right now. Instead, I’m going to recap what I did on my vacation…and boy was I busy! (pics here)

Like I mentioned before, my sister was hospitalized the day I arrived in Dallas. So instead of spending a day or two in Dallas, I only stayed the night. For dinner, my mom treated me out to Wingstop (my favorite restaurant!). It was as delicious as I remembered!

Back at my mom’s condo in Dallas, I started to go through my boxes. Before I left for Korea, I was in a relationship. We broke up a few months after I arrived in Korea, and he has slowly been shipping my things to my mom over the past year. I was pretty excited, not gonna lie, to see what all I owned and forgotten about. Unfortunately…my excitement was quickly killed when I looked at my boxes. I knew one box had gotten ‘lost’ in the mail (my ex received a torn off box top and was told he was SOL). The remaining boxes were…well half empty and obviously rummaged through and stuff had obviously been stolen. Word of advice, pay for insurance…and if you can…don’t use/trust USPS. Like seriously…I wouldn’t have ‘realized’ stuff was stolen if it weren’t for some very obvious things. LIKE… 1 shoe from a pair of shoes, the belt and hat that matched a jacket (but no jacket), my leather shirt but not my leather skirt…they even stole my 20+ year old Carebear and nappy-haired doll, a Bible, my X-Men cards, the list goes on and on…and a card holder that contained a bunch of business card, a picture of my niece and apparently my social security card. Yes, you read that right…my freaking social security card.

Anyway…so the next morning I had an appointment to get my fingerprints taken (just in case I need another FBI criminal background check for employment in Korea come August). Then we left for San Antonio. We stopped at a social security office where I ordered a replacement social security card. (I also signed up for on-line credit monitoring. I don’t think the thief was after my identity, just my stuff—but it can’t hurt.) After that, we arrived at my dad’s apartment and then we all went to visit my sister in the hospital. When we arrived, she was on morphine and feeling pretty good. LOL. We left shortly thereafter to eat at The Cracker Barrel (horrible service, but my dad loved his dinner).

Friday we picked up my niece (my sister’s oldest daughter) after school, ate Mexican food at Salsalitos (OMG DELICIOUS), and then visited my sister again. Saturday, we all went (minus my dad and sister) to Natural Bridge Caverns followed by another visit to my sister in the hospital. Later that night, I borrowed my dad’s newly leased car and drove to meet my friend for a snack and a talk at Jim’s.

the caverns are impressive; walk down (then up) 18 stories surrounded by stunning formations

Sunday, my dad let me borrow his newly leased car again. I my niece to the Botanical Gardens and the Witte Museum (for a science exhibit). Of the two, we enjoyed the gardens far more than the museum. After eating at Sonic, my mom called to say that my sister was being released from the hospital. So, we spent the evening in with my sister.

TX has 11(!) ecological zones; this is one of its more famous (but it’s found only in West TX; hours away from San Antonio)

Later that night, I drove to pick up/meet my friend (from High School; we met on the wrestling team). My friend and I talked for a few hours until I drove him back home. I’m so glad I got to meet up with him; he’s one of the few people from America that has kept in touch on a weekly (or more frequent) basis.

Strange how we’re closer now than we ever were in HS (when we used to see each other almost 5-6 times a week and usually twice a day)

Monday and Tuesday were spent at my dad’s apartment with my sister…with some shopping in between. My mom treated everyone to Cheesecake Factory (picked it up at the mall where I got to briefly meet with a friend/former Wal-Mart co-worker). I also treated my family to an America’s Greatest Cookie’s Cookie Cake (I’d been wanting one of those for YEARS.)

By Wednesday, my  mom and I were back in Dallas; I never did get to see my other niece and nephew. In Dallas, I did some more shopping; I’m officially tired of shopping. Thursday, I got to FINALLY try In-N-Out; it was good ^^. Friday, my mom drove me to the Natural History & Science Museum. I decided to skip the Natural History building and instead enjoyed the Science museum…it was interactive and pretty interesting. I left Friday evening, after a late lunch at Wingstop. 🙂

DNA Strand

a toad…posing for the camera


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