Health Updates


I’m trying my hardest to eat healthier. I’m trying to lose a little weight (about 2 more pounds/1 kg to go), but it’s more because I want to actually eat healthier. I still can’t resist chocolate. I can resist some of the extremely flat-tasting coke in Korea though. However, the coke in Seoul and at some road stop locations…the carbonation is awesome so I can’t resist. 🙂  I’ve been eating a lot more fruit and chicken. I still hate vegetables and I struggle to incorporate those into my diet. At least I’m working on it. To lose weight and be more healthy, diet is 80% of the battle.


In other news, I’m still going to the gym regularly. I’ve been able to make it to the gym 3-4 times a week. I had been sticking to just yoga and running. Mainly I did this because, well when I was lazy, yoga seemed the least intimidating. I’m not actually a big fan of yoga, but I miss the flexibility and core strength I used to have when I was in gymnastics. I also don’t really like running. What I like about running is seeing the instant water-weight loss. Now, however, I’ve decided to add some weight training like I used to do when I was wrestling (well way more reps and less weight). Also, instead of flat tread mill running, I’m now doing incline runs/walks for 1.5-2 hours.

For effective weight loss, weight training is crucial. Weight training shapes up your body and gives you the best results because muscles also aid in burning calories when you’re not working out. (So while you may burn less during the actual weight lifting session, you’ll burn more later…provided you give yourself a good weight training with less than 30 seconds between each rep.) Running, while you can lose more during the activity, you can actually end up burning less overall because once your body stops moving, so does the calorie burning. Not to sound preachy, but I wanted to share why I made the changes in my workout.

The Dentist!

I haven’t been to a dentist since the summer of 2010. I was a tad worried about Korean dentists because not a lot of good things are said about them. Apparently if you just say ‘cleaning’ all you get is your teeth brushed and flossed. (THAT’S IT.)  The part that Americans are used to, with the sharp metal objects being put in your mouth, is called “scaling.”  (**Important Tip** for those in Korea or coming here: “Scaling” and “cleaning” are konglish.) So, I got asked if I wanted a cleaning or scaling. I said scaling…so yeah…they didn’t even brush my teeth..glad I brushed beforehand. LOL. I officially have my first cavity but I got it fixed up, so I’m set.

Hives and a Cold

As far as my hives, they haven’t gone away. (I know, I know I should go to a doctor!) I’m on a daily diet of allergy medicine (or so it seems). Some days, one pill of benadryl works. Other days, like yesterday when I had a ‘under the skin hive’ on my lips, I took two…possibly three total for the day. On top of the hives, I’ve come down with a chest cold, so I’m just going to do a short jog and then yoga tonight and hopefully I feel well tomorrow and I’ll run in the morning and do leg weight training later in the day. (Oh yeah, I have the day off tomorrow. SWEET!)


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Hey Dear I like the section on exercise helps me to understand what th body does. I have given up going to the clinic to exercise and do weights for now. Grandpa is suppose to walk at least two to four miles a day with me. So far not so good but then the weather has been on the cold side for walking outside plus we just got over colds.
    Almost time to start or the states. Love you Gramma

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