My Birthday in Korea: Take 2

So my birthday was two months ago but I was super busy with NaNoWrimo. Overall it was pretty awesome, but unlike last year, I didn’t get anything special or acknowledgment at school. DESPITE the fact that the whole week of my birthday (two days before and the day of) was a lesson about birthdays and when I mentioned that my birthday was SPECIFICALLY on this date. Oh well, it led to some embarrassment on part of the co-teachers after they realized it. My friends of Sangju, however, made it so much more special. Therefore, I have to share it. ^^

My guy friends and myself rocked this hat at the bar…others refused to wear it. LOL

First of all, one of my college friends told me that there was some kind of play going on at her school and she asked me if I wanted to go. I said sure, but was half dreading it. I mean, I wasn’t sure how much I’d understand given that it would entirely be in Korean. I decided to go, because well, I didn’t have any other plans, and also because her friend was going to acting in it. So, after work, I went to the university. I wasn’t in the best of moods because I was hungry and a *promised* birthday dinner wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I feasted on a cold sandwich sold at a convenience store.

I understood the gist of the play, but my friend and I were cracking up passing notes about how ugly the actors (fellow university students) were. LOL, mean I know. After the play, the director got on the stage and explained the “meaning” of the play. Although the play was called “Birthday Party,” it was actually about a guy who learns to be not as selfish and to make friends after his glasses break (a symbolic moment). Yeah…no one in the audience really got that either. While I appreciated the effort, I was happy to leave.

smallest auditorium I think I’ve ever been in

The next night, I headed to Sangju where a bunch of my friends came out and joined me for drinks, cake, arm-wrestling, and singing. The friends I made there continue to be amazing, although a great many of them are now parting: moving out of Sangju or out of Korea altogether. I’m just so thankful for the opportunity for getting to know them…

Group shot…most not ready for it. LOL

Koreans face off: one of the many matches that went down between the guys (minus 2)

It was a close match: My Korean sister (the victor!) vs. one of the guy’s Thai girlfriend (she’s super nice)

She insisted on going against me…I tried to talk her out of it…oh well, now she knows that I’m way stronger than she thought. LOL



  1. That was so cute of Hyun-oo!!! I love how the play was called Birthday Party and it was also your birthday!!! Plus the cake and the singing and the rings?!!!
    It sounded amazing!!!

    1. He said he wanted my first birthday with him to be ‘big’. It was awesome. 🙂

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