Another Semester Down

I said I’d try to alternate between past and present stories, but well, I guess I lied. I’ve got a lot on my mind, and I feel a need to put it out there. Today has been a roller coaster of emotions: confusion, happiness, sadness, boredom, and irritation.

Boredom: Today marked the last full day of classes for the second semester. I’ve been treating students to American movies (X-Men and X-Men2) and TV shows (Big Bang). So, while I thoroughly enjoy everything they are watching…I don’t enjoy it so much after the 5th+ time. Instead of watching it with them, I’ve been studying Korean and writing down things in Korean for my Korean friends to read (and correct) later. Truth be known, I got bored of writing/studying and didn’t finish my journal writing…nor did I do a proper study of my Korean vocabulary words. (Maybe I’ll attack it later tonight…maybe.)

Journal, self-made dictionary, and flash cards

Confusion then Irritation: Last week I was asked if I wanted to join the other teachers for a sleep-over at a hotel at Geumoh Mountain (금오산). I politely declined when I found out that my participation in sleeping over wasn’t mandatory. Today, I learned that the principal really wants our participation for the half-day workshops at Geumoh Mountain. See, I also just learned that tomorrow will include a half-day of classes. (Knowing things last-minute is SO Korean.) Anyway, I was like…sure, I guess I’m going to that…? I tried to ask if anything would be in English, but I highly doubt it…let’s hope it won’t be as boring as I anticipate. About three hours later, another teacher asked me for 20,000 won (about $20) for tomorrow’s event. I don’t exactly carry cash with me to school, so I’ll have to pay tomorrow morning.

Happiness: On one of my off-periods (I work 4/6 classes a day), I left the teacher room for a restroom break. I got stopped by one of my second-year boy students with a “프리 허그” (free hug) sign. I scored a free hug, much to both of our amusement. ^^ Then, about two hours later, I got a phone call from someone very important to me. (I hadn’t heard anything from or about him in almost 8 months now, but I hope to visit next month.) I was on such a natural high after that phone call…I couldn’t concentrate on studying. Lol.

Irritation: I haven’t mentioned this, but I’ve been suffering from hives for the past couple months. I say suffer because that’s exactly what it feels like. Before, I would break out every few days. Now, especially since it’s gotten much colder, I seem to have some sort of outbreak EVERY FREAKING DAY…usually right before I leave work. Within a few hours after being home, it’s spread to numerous parts of my body. Fortunately, my mom sent me some Benadryl, so I’ve been taking that when I get home. Although the outbreaks are not nearly as bad as they were (see below) I just wish it would stop!

my leg…yes those are goose bumps and plateau hives

Sadness & Boredom: Normally I kill 2-3 hours a day at the gym. Unfortunately, because of my hair being chemically straightened, I have to wait another day before I can put it in a pony-tail and wash it—so I’ve been stuck at home. UGH! I miss the gym…right now I’m lucky to go twice a week.


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