Mudflats and Eg-yo

After meeting up with friends for the lunch/breakfast soup, my friends and I decided to visit some mudflats (Suncheon Bay 순천 만). My friend’s boyfriend was not much for walking or ‘hiking,’ but he does a lot for his girlfriend (my good friend).

the walkway

small crabs and some other tad-pole like things were in the mud under the walkway (not pictured here; look at my flickr pics)

When we came to an intersection on the hill/mountain with the signs indicating the “relaxing path” and the other said “difficult trail.” I personally didn’t care, but I knew my friend wanted the harder trek, and I knew that her boyfriend wasn’t going to like it. This is the conversation I watched unfold:

Her: Which way do you want to go?

Him: Easy way! Of course.

Her: (slight whine in her voice) You don’t want to go up the difficult path with me?

Him: (deep breath) Okay. Let’s go.

>>>insert me: (baffled) Really???

It was seriously that easy. This, my friends, is called eg-yo (애교), and it’s one of the most idiotic things (I think) in Korea. Many Korean men think it’s one of the CUTEST things (and to be CUTE is the best thing ever) about Korean women. Having eg-yo is looking (pout-y face/sad eyes) and sounding like a whiny petulant child, and it works for women to get what they want. GROWN-ASS WOMEN! This completely mystifies me. Korean men also have eg-yo…but the women—omg! The women talk in either this babbling-baby voice or a high-pitched child-like whiny voice. Every time I hear it—and it’s often—I feel like walking over and slapping some sense into them. (This is part of the reason why I was completely surprised that ‘egyo’ worked.)

view on the way up

one view at the top

More pics on my flickr page. 🙂



  1. Sigh. That rice field art is precisely the problem with Yeosu’s World Expo next year. Korea’s advertising and organising it entirely facing inwards. It’ll be a minor miracle if people internationally even hear about it next year let alone get down there.

  2. i haaate how girls in asia talk lol Im Taiwanese and theyre like that there too.

    1. Oh gosh!? Really??? It’s so annoying! I was hoping it was confined to the island/peninsula of South Korea.

    2. well…when i was traveling in India, i realized that it’s not just east asia thing.. i might be wrong but i’m under the impression that it’s the whole asia/middle east thing.. come to think of it, i think it’s a part of the polarized gender-roles in its culture. can’t say i love it or hate it. sometimes it works like a charm and sometimes it let’s me have a sympathy towards the girl – oh gosh, she’s poor little thing – and yes, some extreme one, like this one, one of my designer friends from Taiwan, she would whine 90% of the time when she talks. i had to shut a door on her face cuz i couldn’t take it any more. Really it depends on the circumstance and the moderation of its use. But my point is that it’s not just girls from Asia. I dated a Canadian girl (a successful designer). There are many moments when she’d tried to be super cute and it worked. This French girl (another designer – rip) from Paris would do something in similar and i will never forget all those little moments. I think it’s just some kind of expression of a feminine quality you can find all over the world.
      Yes some cultures one can say it’s overworked but i think it happens every where in the world not just in Asia. It’s just more apparent here(asia) only because a form of extreme feminine quality is allowed and encouraged. On the other hand ever since i came to Korea, i started to develop this boredom of… just in general… genderlessness of the western.. or rather Amercian society.. and that includes Canada. (what’s the difference again between the two?)
      After spending some time with a number of korean girls ever since i came here (there were those ‘annoying’ moments but not all the time with everyone), an occasional mix of American or Canadian.. or just white/black here and there would come and go – They got me thinking ‘ah this is good.. or suppose to be good cuz i’m having sex with a woman and this is certain cuz she’s soft skin and doesn’t have much body hair. She definitely has a vagina… but i don’t feel what i’m suppose to…’ because there are no.. fragrance of this.. heightened feminine quality or the personality in her. Then everything is lost, my apatite and i think about the days when i used to be after some form of masculine qualities in girls.

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