Halloween Screams and Stories

In honor of Halloween, I beefed up my powerpoint and lesson that I used last year at Angye High School for this year at my High School in Gumi (20 classes). This time I included a video: it’s really short, and pretty interesting.  (No, really, you should watch.)

So I opened class with the video.  Michael Jackson and his ranch are ridiculously famous; in fact, South Korea’s famous amusement park in Seoul is called Everland.  Anyway, watching my students watch this video made my week.  Because they can’t really understand what’s going on, they start leaning forward to see the picture better.  Then the creepy music plays–so those that weren’t paying attention get quiet and also start leaning in.  Then, all the boys and girls jump in their seats and some scream (even boys!).  Most of the students enjoy it and demand to see it again…except the last day.  One of my girl students started crying…I felt a little bad, but most of the students were laughing at her.

 After that introduction for Halloween, I showed them videos and pictures of various things Halloween related: apple-bobbing, making candy apples, trick-or-treating, costumes, and a walk-through of a ‘Haunted House.’  For the last 20 minutes, I made them write a short Halloween or scary story using some of the vocabulary from the lesson and/or monster vocabulary.  I’d say about half of my students participate.  Most of my stories are like this: “I’m scared because ghost come to me. I run fast. But ghost eat me. So I’m die.”

Here are a few (8) other interesting ones (out of over 200) copied verbatim:

On Halloween night I wear a costume I go to the house “trick or trea!” I get the candy I’m happy

-John is play the bobbing for apples. His team won the game have a price caramel apples but that apple in the bug. So my apples throw away.

-Zombie in come, house in only me come zombies I scary I bring gun shoot the head zombies die me save.

-Yesterday was Halloween day. I went to a house for candy The house is haunted house but I didn’t know someone was out of the house. I received many candy The next day. When I went to the house. it was not here. Who is give me a candy?

-Once upon a time, there was a legend that witches are really existed. On Halloween night, one child was kidnapped by someone.  His parents tried to find her, and asked one man to find their child. The man went trip to find her. Finally he found her in the house of the witch. And then he killed the witch and rescue the child.

-On Halloween night, in halloween party, I make new friend. She made up into ghost, I asked her “which school are in?” she said “I’m in I—High School” I said “me too, what class?” she said “1-2” I said “me too” but I haven’t seen her until, now.  She suddenly disappear. I asked teacher “who is she” teacher said “she is died last year” I look ghost.

-On Halloween night, some children are bobbing for apples and anothers are haunted house. The haunted house many zombies and ghosts are surprising people. My friend Jeong Eun is go to haunted house. At that time Jeong Eun is disappear. her parents are very worried, but she isn’t appear. ghost of haunted house eat Jeong Eun. her parents are very sad. ㅠ.ㅠ

-A Bad zombie walk a street. gost and witch is very happy. because there are many candy receive. But bad zombie not receive candy. Bad zombie is still candy!!! But gost and witch is not anger there are give candy to zombie ^^



  1. Noo! I knew something was going to pop out at the end, so instead of watching it, I clicked fast forwarded through, haha. I’m such a wimp!

    That’s a really fun thing to do in your classes! I’d feel bad for the girl who cried as well. One of the little ones cried at our Halloween event when we were breaking the pinatas. What can you do though, eh? It’s all in good fun.

    Love the stories, too.

    1. Ah then you missed the interesting part about the locks on the doors in his ranch! It was kinda fascinating. Aw…they cried over pinatas? That’s kinda strange, but cute. It’s not cute when they’re crying and they’re 16 years old…

      1. Maybe I can get up the courage to watch the whole thing… haha.

        Yeah, I can see how that would be awkward. My crier was only four, so, you know… that’s kind of the age.

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