100 Day Anniversary

I made two other posts about what to do for your 100-Day Anniversary: if you have a Korean girlfriend and if you have a Korean boyfriend. As for my own 100-Day Anniversary, I honestly didn’t think that my first real date with a Korean guy would last very long.  (My previous dates with Koreans were dead-ends, to say the least.)  But anyway, I got to celebrate a 100 day anniversary which is the first important anniversary for a relationship in Korea.

I wasn’t there for my the actual shopping, but he told me about his original plan and shopping adventure. Although he didn’t know my bra size, he wasn’t going to let that stop him from trying to buy couple underwear. So he went to a lingerie store and tried to explain to the girl at the store my measurements by showing her how big around I was by holding his arms as if he were hugging me.  LOL. Needless to say, he was unsuccessful.  As far as my take on couple underwear: I’m kinda glad it didn’t happen. Hell, it’s a rare day if my own bra and panties even match; I can’t imagine coordinating with someone else. I giggle every time I see couple underwear displayed on the mannequins at the windows of EVERY lingerie store and whenever I think about how Korean couples are actually matching under their clothes..

Tell me that’s not creepy

He ultimately decided to surprise me.  If I see him on weekdays, it’s usually in the evening, after he finishes school or work (depending on which day of the week it is). So I came home, like normal, to see a ‘mess’ on my floor. I didn’t really look at it because I REALLY had to pee. After washing my hands, I opened the bathroom door to find him looking a bit deflated since he didn’t catch my reaction to the display. lol. I did get a chance to look at it afterwards though:

His tea-light display and gifts for me ❤

Basically he made sure to leave school early enough so that he could beat me home from work. He set up the candles and lit them all. In the center are my gifts: a nice shirt in the bag, coke, and chocolate. He told me later that as he was preparing his display, I was sending him text messages telling him how happy I was that I was leaving work early. He said he went into a bit of a panic mode and had to race to the roof of my apartment before I came home. It was a really sweet gesture of him, but I’m sure he was expecting a bit more of a reaction from me. hehe.

I did make him a ‘dinner’ that night: spaghetti with Prego sauce. [My culinary skills are barely above not burning noodles. 😛 ] I also gave him my gift that night…a mixed CD of American music of genres that he likes.  I also included a video of me talking about why I’m happy we’re together.  So that was the most romantic thing I have EVER given/done for anyone, but he seemed pleased with it all. 🙂

He had plans to take me to an amusement park on the weekend, so we headed to Daegu early Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the skies decided that it would rain ALL DAY so we couldn’t go to the park. Instead, he spent the day helping me shop for fall/winter clothes (and he bought me more chocolate and coke #score) and took me out to a nice dinner.

UPDATE: I found a great application for calculating your 100 day anniversaries. I talk about it in my 300-Day Anniversary post.



  1. I would have made sure BOTH our bra and panties matched. Hrmf.

    1. lmao…just picturing you in a bra…BAHAHAHAHA

    2. My GF and I skipped the hundred days and just stuck with 3 months. Much better than trying to count days, plus way too hard.

      1. It is stupid hard to count! And apparently even Korean guys are bad at keeping track of the days as well…much like Western guys forgetting birthday and anniversary dates. Gratz on your relationship (and also for sticking to a 3 month clock).

  2. My idea… stick with weeks. 100 days ~14.3 weeks, round to 14 weeks. If y’all met on a Monday, then celebrate on a Monday. So what’s the next benchmark? 200 days? 365 days?

    Okay… maybe my week idea stinks. It’s cos I’m in a routine and I like doing Monday things on Mondays… Saturday things on Saturdays. I’m a fuddy-duddy.

    1. yes every 100 days and every 1 year are days to celebrate. 1,000 days is also a pretty big thing from what I’ve heard but I haven’t found any information on it as of yet…also haven’t looked.

  3. Nice post. Its realy nice. Many info help me.

  4. Wow! Thank you! I permanently needed to write on my blog something like that. Can I take a portion of your post to my site?

    1. I would rather that you didn’t.

  5. Some younger Korean guy.. · · Reply

    Oh my god thanks for the help. I’m Korean living in USA and I have a girlfriend who’s from here. Christmas is coming and 100th day of us were coming too so I was so worried about it because it’s my firs time dating a girl and I had no idea what to do. Now I got some idea thanks !!

    1. I’m glad the ideas can help. Good luck and congratulations!

  6. What an interesting tradition! I must’ve missed this post the first time around, but it’s on your featured posts (btw, nice layout!)

    In Spain, there’s an interesting underwear tradition too – they buy red underwear for the new year.

    1. I searched around and played with a LOT of layouts. I’m pretty satisfied (finally). So thanks. 🙂 You might have actually read it before–I just gave it a big makeover. 🙂 The red underwear for the new year sounds very similar to the Chinese tradition for the lunar new year because red brings in good luck for the coming new year. The 100 day thing is interesting. I’m going to write a post explaining why it happens…well I’ll eventually get around to it I hope…

  7. I am searching how to prepare my 1500-Day anniversary. I have some ideas – reserve a restaurant with Heart balloon and candles and a anniversary cake. But I want to give some presents so I am searching and found this post. In our country, there is no couple underwear tradition :D. Anyways, thanks you for this post. I like this post 😀

    1. You should really read one of the links I put in this post for some more ideAs. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  8. […] luck and congratulations to those of you approaching your 100 day anniversary! Read here if you want to know about my 100 Day Anniversary or here if you want to know a great app to […]

  9. […] luck and congratulations to those of you approaching your 100 day anniversary! Read here if you want to know about my 100 Day Anniversary or here if you want to know a great app to […]

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